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38 Geary Limited Line. 3:31PM. 6.23.12

Posted in 38 Geary with tags , on June 25, 2012 by 4x24

Usually on my Saturday’s it’s just the hustle and bustle of loads of people on the limited and terrible traffic the later it gets in the day.

I get to 39th Ave and Geary on my Inbound trip and usually at that stop its alot of old Asian people. Coo. No problem. But their was a white expedition at the bus stop. No worries. They’ll move by the time I take off. So I pull up on the bumper of the SUV and I kneel the bus for all these old people and throw a couple honks so that they would get the message that they need to move. So I load everybody up and close my doors but still the SUV is still parked. I start honking some more and wait. Nothing. So now I’m getting irritated. Like really you in the bus stop? C’mon. So I start laying into the horn. Like a good 30 seconds of straight horn to your eardrums.


So I pop the brake and get off the bus to see wasup. I walk up along the driver side and I can HEAR that the SUV is running so I know it isn’t having mechanical issues or things of that matter. I get to the window and she rolls the window down all nonchalantly.

“How you doing. Can I get you to move so I can pull out? You in the bus zone.”
“Nah I ain’t gonna move. You need to back up.”
“I ain’t gonna back up. We don’t back up buses. ”
“Well I ain’t gonna move so you just gonna be stuck so have a nice day”
“alright that coo. It’s not me thats gonna get the ticket,” and I walk away.

I get back on the bus an call central. About 20 seconds later a cop car rolls by. Talk about luck. So I start honking and waving so i can flag down the cop. He darts over and pulls up, gets out and heads to the passenger side of the SUV to talk to them. After he’s done he walks back to my bus and I open the doors.

“So she’s gonna move. She says she’s waiting for her husband who’s gonna make a relief. She said he’s a bus driver”
Our relief is downtown and it’s only the driver and another passenger in the SUV. hmmmmmmm Yeah right.
“Yeah I was honking an she wasn’t moving. I got alot of old people here at the stop and I gotta kneel the bus u know what I’m saying? I went to talk her an nothing. You know she in the bus stop right”
The cop is looking at me blankly. “well ya so she is gonna move. Are you alright?”
“yeah man I’m just trying to roll. She just wasting my time” and I close the door.

So with me talking to the cop and all she still hasn’t moved. More seconds go by and the cop starts walking up to her SUV but then she decides to start taking off. I’m like coo we can get rolling and I’ll pass her. So she starts to slowly drive down the road. I get over so I can pass her and what does she do? She starts to speed up with me. I then start to slow down because I got to get over to pick up people and what does she do? She starts slowing down in front of me. So I pull up into the bus zone and she does the same! But this time I pull up way back so I can jam out if she’s trying to block me up again. So I close the doors after I load everyone up at 36th ave and cut it hard to the left so I can go and she starts to pull out with me. Hell nah..hell nah this lady crazy! So I get to the left lane and go through the intersection and she does some crazy ole 90 degree turn to the right to go down 36th.


Then central calls me back after all is said and done.

“how you doing central. Disregard that last call. Copy ”
“Disregarding that last call. Copy.” and I take off scooting down Geary trying to make up some of the 12 minutes I just wasted.