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38 Geary Limited. 4.14.12 2:03PM

Posted in Other on April 18, 2012 by 4x24

38 Geary Limited. 4.14.12 2:03PM


All day all of us 38’s were running late because the festival in Japantown was causing hella delays – people don’t know how to park and drive when theirs a festival. So I’m coming inbound and I pass up my leader somewhere before Spruce so I could help him out. I get to Fillmore St and there are loads and loads of people all coming from the festival. I pull up and I start loading the people up and this one lady starts Walking hella slow to the bus and when she gets to the door she yells ” I need the bus lowered!” Now when the bus is as full as I was, yo cannot drop the kneeler because once you lower it, you won’t be able to being it back up because of the weight. So I told her “I lower this bus with all these people on here and it ain’t gonna come back up.” “oh ok. I didn’t know” and she got on the bus. Once she passed me though I caught a whiff and she just stank. Just a sharp pungent odor of some stank. Once I regained composure from the stankness I just smelt, this dude in a wheelchair appears. The only thing I can assume is that he was behind the crowd the whole time. He zips up and looks at me an says “so what’s gonna happen now?” as if to think I wasn’t going to load him up. I should have told him to get on the bus behind me, but since all of us were rolling swinging loads who knows if the bus behind me had any space.

So I looked back into the bus and seen that their was enough room for me to get him on and still have everyone on the bus. As I’m bringing up the lift I tell him ” you realize that I didn’t see you. Next time you want to be in front or else you may not get loaded up.” He mumbled something and I asked him where he was gonna get off and he told me “Powell.” Now the old stank lady decides she needs to get her two cents in. “you need to move out for the wheelchair! It’s the law! Make room for the wheelchair!”

So I got an old man with a walker and wheelchair dude ran his foot over and some other persons foot while getting to his area and I’m thinking to myself “I get to Powell and all these people will be off”

So I finish loading up and take off. Next stop on the limited is Taylor, which is about a 1/2 a mile down the road. The whole time between them stops I can hear the old lady arguing with passengers. “that seat is for seniors! They need to move! They know the law! You need to get up now! They don’t listen but they know!”so I get to Taylor and load and unload passengers and she starts hollering again. “Is this Powell? I need Powell.” People start telling her that it’s not and she calms down till I get to the corner and starts asking the same question again. Some people answer her but most just ignore her rants.

So I make it to Powell and I open my down to unload a majority of the passengers and the wheelchair dude. Right before I get ready to open up the lift this girl comes up and says as she’s getting off: “umm bus driver I think the lady back there peed on herself. ” I look down and see streams that come all the way to the front of the bus.

I’m thinking : ARE YOU SHITTIN ME?!?

I get dude on the lift and unload him onto the street and stow it away and here comes the old stank lady hollering “This is Powell right? Ima get off here.” As she is stepping down slowly I can see that 1.she is covered in piss and 2. She don’t care. Another passenger yells “you done pissed on yourself already,get off the bus cuz u probably gonna shit yourself.” The old lady heard her and just almost lost it.

“what?! you say something to me?you need to shut the fuck up!” So I get in this convo by telling her that the chick didn’t say anything and that she should get off. At the same time I hit the button to call central. Old lady finally gets off and I close the doors and take off. I get to the next stop and central finally calls back.

“hows it going central. im on the 38 limited and some lady pissed on the bus. what do you want me to do? pull it in once i get to the end of the line”

“449 on the 38L?”

“yeah central can you hear me? some lady¬†pissed¬†on the bus.”

“449 on the 38?”

“yeah central. I cant hear you .”

“449 on the 38L pick up.”

“I dunno if you can hear me central”

“449 see your inspector at the end of the line.”


So I keep unloading passengers and no one wants to come out the front door haha. I wouldn’t blame them either. So I pull up next to the inspector and he looks at me an starts laughing, ” yeah I heard what happened. Central don’t know what they’re doing. Pull it in and get another bus and call them back to get put on time.”


I throw the not in service sign up and head for the yard.