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23 Monterey Line. Outbound. 2:19PM 5.21.11

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Some people should be clowns or jesters and because they only pop up for comic relief hahaha

As I was driving up on Oakdale approaching Bayshore, I had this one guy come up to the front of the bus and basically proceed to talk my ear off.
Him-“you hear anything about the stabbing on the 14?”
Me-“I ain’t seen the article but I heard they figured out the weapon that was used was a screwdriver. ”
Him-“oh yeah. Me and my lady were on the 14 yesterday and this white lady said she had a knife and was gonna cut someone.”
Me-“yeah. They said it was a screwdriver. ”
Him-“ya but this lady said she had a knife and was gonna kill someone because she didn’t care. She kept telling my lady that.”

At this point I knew he was not gonna stop talking so after all his responses all I did was nod and say Uh-huh.

-“ya that lady kept tellin my lady that and homie she said she was gonna do it.”
-“I hope they got that lady cuz I ride with my kid you know what I’m saying”
-“she was making threats to my lady and I don’t play like that homie.”
-“that 14 line is crazy homie. You know they got a lot of crazy people on that line you know what I’m saying.”
-“in Los Angeles where I live, if the bus seats are full the bus is full. I came out here and seen that you could stand up and until everyone is packed in it’s full homie. That was like a culture shock homie you know what I’m saying”
-“my cousin is snoop dogg and I’m in the music industry but you know out here they got that red and blue stuff and I don’t play like that homie. I’m cool with everyone. You know mr Capone-e? He my cousin. But you know homie I’m coo with everyone.”
-“I ain’t got time for this red or blue stuff. I’m a sous chef and I make 80,000 a year homie you know what I’m saying”
-“you know I’ma little drunk but I’m coo homie, I keep to myself I don’t go crazy on people like that lady with the knife.”
-“ya know it’s crazy on these buses homie. Ya know when I be drinking I be Gettin on the bus but I don’t bang none of these colors out here but ya know homie people assume. Like if I were to shave my head ya know what I’m saying”
-“you from frisco homie? You look like you from here. ”
-“you know homie I’m from San Diego and it’s a big difference to San Francisco homie.”

So the last thing this dude says before getting off on Misson st is:
-“You know what those dudes did to that giants fan? That ain’t right homie. That ain’t right. But I’ll tell you if they catch those dudes I’ll be the first one in line to cut off their heads you know what I’m saying”
I open my doors and he tells me to have a good day and he walks away.

All I can do is shake my head, close the doors and drive away.


9 San Bruno. Outbound. 5:37AM 5.18.11

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Had the 9 San Bruno and it was an early shift. Real early. 4:35am early. But the schedule was a good one since I had done it last week and me, the idiot that I am, just assumed that it would be smooth as it was then.

WRONG….WRONG. (Charlie Murphy voice)

So I was heading back outbound and I got to 2nd and Market and seen this old man with a suitcase and a bag making motions to let me know he wanted to get on the bus. Ok. In my mind I’m already thinking maybe this guy wants to go to the hospital (based on his behaviors and how I’m reading him) so I open the door and load up him and this other guy. He gets on and b-lines to the seat behind me and doesnt say anything. The other guy behind him asks me the time and shows me a transfer and walks and I yell “hey dude u got something?” Guy who jumped on second thought I was talking to him so I told that I was talking about the other guy.

That’s when he responded “I got a ticket.”
Me-“if you got a ticket it, show it then”
Him-“I got a ticket”
Me-” if you got it them come up and show or pay or get off the bus”
Then he didn’t say anything after any of my statements i said:
“alright dude you wasting everyones time. You gonna have to get off”
“we ain’t going anywhere until you pay or get off so it’s to your best interest to pick one.”
“alright. If you ain’t gonna get off voluntary, I’m gonna have to make the call and you gonna get off involuntarily.”
I look over and I see a police truck pull up next to me and I wave at him( since I have been sitting at the stop with him behind me for like 3 minutes) and he waves and turns left. Hahaha wow talk about some shitty luck.
So now like 5 minutes have passed and I call central. So central calls me back:
Me-“good morning central. This is run 2 on the 9. I got a fare evader on my bus who doesn’t want to pay or get off after I asked him. Can you send me a TS?”
Cc-“can I get your location and ID?”
Me-“2nd and Market.” I tell him my id.
Cc-“can you give us a description of the person?”
Me-“he’s an African American man wearing a blue hat ”
Cc-“anything more to help us?”
Me-“he’s got 2 bags with him”
Cc-“ok. We will send the police to you at 2nd and market”

So the dude starts saying something and at this point I’m not gonna talk to dude. I got nothing else to say. One of the other passengers comes up( a Latin lady) and asks in Spanish what’s Goin on and I tell her the situation and that we ain’t gonna be leaving till either he gets off or police comes takes him off. She decides to get off. At the same time i got a big white dude crossing the street and looking at the bus like he wants to get on. As he is about to step on i tell him that i aint gonna be going anywhere because I got someone that don’t wanna pay. He goes “he’s gonna need an escort” and I tell him “their on their way!” and dude smiles. He then says something along the lines of how some people don’t wanna pay and they mess up the rest of the day for others. Probably another 3 minutes go by and the fare evader starts saying some other rants and gets up and starts walking to the door and starts getting off. He talking a gang of shit like ‘ I’ma whip your ass if you get off the bus’,’you muthafuckin punk ass bus driver,’ ‘bitch ass,’ ‘I should come back up there and spit in your face bitch,’ and other shit. So when he starts saying that I respond with “oh yeah, your still getting off the bus though so just keep walking” and once he steps off the bus I 1) call central control back 2) Start loading everyone on the bus ( probably like 5 people outside) and 3) Police show up.

Also, as the dude is walking off the bus the white guy is talkin shit to dude telling him how he wasting his time and then he gets on the bus. Central calls me back and I tell them the guy jumped off the bus and if I can continue in route( I can make up all my time at the end of the line with the recovery time given) and keep going and they say yes.

So the police officer that passed me up jumps on the bus and realizes I was flagging him down the first time and he apologizes and I was like it’s cool and told him that the dude that was over there  and that he didn’t wanna pay or get off. He tells me his badge number(just in case I need to file paperwork) and he steps off the bus to talk to the guy who is Trying argue with the officer while another police car pulls up. I take off and I leave them to argue while I try to make up my time on the run.

I drop off the old white guy like 3 blocks later and as he gets off he says “I hope the rest of your day goes better and you don’t gotta have anyone else escorted off” and he laughs.

Motorcoach K Ingleside. 7:34AM. 5.15.11

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Yay. Bay 2 Breakers makes everyone more grouchy than they already are. On this schedule I had was attached an early morning/Sunday motorcoach K Ingleside before I could do the 36. On top of having a small 30 ft bus to do this trip, Bay 2 Breakers was causing massive reroutes and backups EVERYWHERE. My trip was supposed to start at Steuart and Market but with the reroute I started at Market and Van Ness. So I left the yard on my way to Van Ness and once I got to 11th I could see that traffic was madness. I turned onto Van Ness at Mission and was stuck in traffic for 10 minutes till I made it up to Market where I started my route towards West Portal. Once I got to West Portal that’s where EVERYONE wanted to go downtown since the trains hadn’t started yet. On top of the regular people Trying to get downtown, you got hella other people trying to go downtown for B2B also.

So I pull up to Ulloa and West Portal to start loading up. I see there are hella POP’s and inspectors and a few walk up to my bus to help me load up. My bus loaded up quick. REAL quick. I was at my yellow line in under 2 minutes and I was Getting ready to close but an inspector comes up on my left side to the window and goes “we got some more people coming, you think you can fit any more?” I tell him I’m at my yellow line and he looks and gives me the ok to take off. So at the same time. on my right side, I got the POP’s trying to load some more people into the bus. They yell into my bus to try to get people to move back and yell at the crowd that my bus got enough for 2 more people. There is an old man right next to the POP and he’s the first to b-line to my bus and he yells back at the POP, “2 more standing!” and storms angrily to the door. The POP asks me if I can lower the bus and I tell him I can’t because Once I lower the bus it won’t come back up. He says ok starts telling people to move back and wait for the next one and the old man grunts buts gets on the bus and stuffs himself right behind the line with the other girl who squeezes in and I close my door and take off. As I approach Forrest Hill station, the old man starts making grunts and long sighs and I’m thinking to myself something is up with this dude and I know he is gonna let me know.

And he does.

Him-“you didnt let the kneeler down. you drivers don’t care about us. You don’t care of we die.”
Me-“as I told you and the inspectors and pop, if I let this bus down it’s not going to come back up.”
Him-“you don’t care. I hit myself and you don’t care. You don’t care if we die ”
Me- “like I said before I can’t let the bus down.”
Him-“yeah yeah. Your job is safe. With all these missouts and your bonus and sick days. Yeah your safe and we die.”
Me-“your still not listening. You could have waited for the next one but you go on after I told you and the inspector the situation.”

So when I approach the stop I yell to the people on the bus “if anyone needs the stop ring the bell to let me know because I’m not going to stop.” no one rings so I start going.
He then yells(word for word) “that lady out there needs to get off at forest hill but you don’t care. Your leaving people. You drivers..”
Me-“I’m only dropping off since I have no room for anyone else on this bus. You are not listening which is funny. You only want to hear what you want. ”
Him-“yeah yeah whatever”
I get to Church and Market and an N Judah bus gets in front of me which helps me out since no one is getting off and no one is getting on as I have to pass up stops. At each stop I pull up behind the N and tell people walking to my bus to jump on that one since I don’t have any room. We go like this for 3 more stops and we finally get to Van Ness which is my last stop due to B2B. I open the doors and yell to the bus “last stop” and everyone gets off. I got people asking how do we get downtown and I tell them underground opened like 5 minutes ago and that they should head downtown since the F and any other bus that runs on Market is rerouted or like us the Metro replacements on early Sunday: we go out of service.

I change my headsign and head to Cesar Chavez and Valencia to Get ready to start my trips on the 36 Teresita.
Just another day.

12 Grand. Inbound. Afternoon

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Heres a more funnier story that happened

I would up getting this 12 early that day. I pretty happy bout that. I was a bit tired since I didn’t get much sleep the night before since I had a late schedule but I saw it as my chance to get off earlier than usual. The other good thing about this schedule was that I got one of the 30 ft van hool buses so it made turns and driving extra easy. BONUS!

I was already into my 3rd round trip when I started feeling the tiredness coming on. I thought to myself “when I get a chance I’ll pull over near the end of the line and get me a Rockstar or a Red Bull.” When I drove the 12, the end of the line was at Jefferson Park and you almost never had anyone on after you passed Broadway and their was a store 1 block from the end of the line. Now the 12 really just served the old people on Grand ave going downtown and people getting off of BART going into the Piedmont neighborhood going the other way.

So I get going on the trip. I had a light load,probably like 5-9 people through the piedmont neighborhood till I got to 20th and near the lake where I let some people off. As I’m getting ready to take off I look down the block and see the full throttle truck handing out energy drinks. Hell yeah. Ima get me one and save some money. So I take off and pull up to the truck, open my doors and ask to make sure they are giving out drinks. The girl says yeah and hands me a 4 pack. I was thinking to myself this is soo sick.

Their was more.

The guy in the truck turns around and says “you got people on your bus?” I told him that I did and he grabs 4 cases…yes 4 CASES(about 96 cans) of full throttle and tells me “here ya go! Hand them out and keep the extra!.” While I’m thanking him for hooking it up, I’m loading these cases onto the bus where the empty space is above the wheel. (similar to the empty space on the hybrids but the Van Hools had a longer area) I tell the people on the bus they are welcome to take as many as they want. One old guy takes 8 of them and the others take one. I’m thinking to myself “if I can’t get rid of these, how am I gonna get them off the bus? ” When I get to the end of the line, I break down one case all around the driver area: had some cans on my left side, had some cans on the right side, had some cans in the front of the dash, and had some cans in the little driver storage area behind my head. I think I had maybe one or 2 round trips to go and im telling everyone who’s getting on the bus if they want to take any. I think through the whole run, I got rid of like 15. So when I finish my route, I start thinking of how I’m a carry these to my car since I was under the impression that once you bring the bus in you bring it to the wash rack. I pull up and start loading up my back pack. I think I got under a case loaded up in it and that shit was hella heavy and I still got another 2 cases to carry PLUS my jacket and a pouch where we keep the paddle and other things related to the run. I finally manage to get everything off the bus and in my hands. From where I left the bus to where my car is at is about one block’s distance and damn that was the longest block ever. I struggling and stopping every so many stops thinking “is this shit gonna fall” or “is this box gonna break” Hahah I finally get to the parking lot door and this dispatcher sees me and goes “why didn’t u pull the bus up here?” I told him I didn’t know. Another 15 minutes later and everything was finally loaded in my car.

When I see people now handing out energy drinks and I think to myself  if I pull over I hope I can just get 1, just 1

Outbound 54. 6:50AM. 4.30.11

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And you wonder why drivers say no to free riders.

I pulled out early on this run; something like 5:40am. On the weekend the schedules suck on the 54. I mean no time altogether. So when I picked up these 2 characters, I really didn’t pay attention if they had anything; I was just trying to keep the schedule so I could go to the bathroom. They jumped on at Ingalls and sat down midway in the bus. At about University I noticed they had a blanket over both of their heads and knew they were sleepers. Whatever I thought, They will probably get off a Geneva so I really didn’t pay any more attention to them. A couple blocks after Geneva I seen they were still on the bus. I thought to myself, “when I get to the end of the line, they better get off.” So pull into Daly City Bart and it’s like 6:50am. I tell everyone this is the end of the line and people start getting off. After everyone gets off these 2 are still sitting there. So look in the mirror and see the guy is sort of awake and the lady was asleep. I turned around and our convo went like this:
Me- this is end of the line so y’all gonna have to get off.
Lady-we going back
Me- well y’all gonna have to pay 2 dollars since y’all didn’t pay when you got go
Lady- we ain’t got no money we homeless
Me-then y’all gonna have to get off
Lady- we ain’t getting off
Me- lemme tell you like this I’ll give you to minute to voluntary get off the bus and after that ill let the police come get you off
Lady-call the police. We don’t give a fuck
That’s all I needed to hear; I call central control.
Phone rings and here’s the convo between me and central.
Me- good morning central. I got a couple of passengers on the bus who are refusing to get off. Can you send me the police.
Cc- are they asleep?
Me-no they are wide awake
Cc- what’s the problem?
Me-they are refusing to get off.
Cc- we will send you help.

So I tell them “since you like to be disrespectful, you can disrespect the police all you want because now you gonna deal with them” and I step off the bus. Now the guy, who hasn’t said nothing but just looking blankly decides to get up off the bus and go into the BART station and get muni courtesy ride tickets (off topic: but if you ride the 28 or 54 and use DC BART, these are awesome if you don’t have money)

He comes back after like 4 minutes of being in the station. I’m assuming he told the agent he needed to use the bathroom so he could get the courtesy ride tickets from inside. He gets to the door and looks at me( I’m outside the bus to the right) and while holding the tickets up says “we got the fare.”

Sorry buddy. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars.

I let him know both of them still ain’t gonna ride. So he jumps back on the bus and goes back to where he was sitting and then the lady comes back to the front on the bus and starts to sweet talk her way back in my good graces. She starts with “hey mr bus driver I won’t say nothing else” and then says something else I didn’t catch.

Yup. I tell them again that they still ain’t going back on this bus. So like 2 minutes later, BART police shows up and it’s the same officer from my other incident. He comes up to me and asks who they are and I tell him that it’s the only 2 people on the bus. He walks onto the bus and proceeds to give them an earful. I didn’t catch all of it but from what I heard he was telling them something like I did them the courtesy of giving them a ride and also why are they wasting my time and the other people trying to get on the bus. After his talk to them they walked off the bus with a smirk. You can smirk all you want outside. I thanked the officer and jumped on the bus to call central and load the passengers at the same time. Central called me back and I told them that the situation had been cleared and if I could “continue in route”. Central gave me the Ok and I took off from the Bart station about 7 minutes late.