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27 Bryant Line. Inbound. 8:36am 6.21.11

Posted in 27 Bryant on June 23, 2011 by 4x24

These crazies come in all forms with the weirdest shit.

So I’m pulling up to 5th and Market and I start loading up my passengers and this old dude gets on my bus last and I already had a feeling he was gonna set himself apart from everyone else. He looked like the beat up, overweight, bushy eyebrow TL version of Carl Reiner

him-“i need to go to st Francis.”
me-“the hospital?”
him-“ya. do you know where i got to get off?”
me-” ya. bush st”
him-” ok. um (starts fumbling with his wallet to show me his L pass) um im gonna sit behind you.”

him-“ok. hello”
So I take off from the stop. He first throws out a comment to lady with her kid by calling her a muchacha Bonita and then he directed a comment to me.

Him-“hey bus driver you gonna tell me where to get off right?”
Me-“ya ”

All of a sudden dude starts having a conversation.

With. His. Bandage.

Yes folks you read that right. He was having a convo with his bandage on the bus on his way to the hospital. It was interesting to say the least.

“oh no. No no no. Don’t you come off. (pause) you better stay on there. We got places to go and you better not come off. I don’t want to have to turn you over. ”
“oh hey is glideeeeeee”
“you need to stay stuck on there. That’s why were going to the hospital. Don’t do nothing silly. ”

He said more but i cant remember the other phrases he was using. His tone of voice was hilarious too because he was acting like a parent; scolding the bandage with a firm voice to make sure he was in charge.

Then when I would be going over bumps/potholes:
“ow. Ow. I got this pain. That’s why I’m going to the hospital. ”

He kept going on with this for a good couple minutes and you know I was trying to get him to the hospital as fast as I could before I would start laughing.

So I pull up to Bush and he is *still* talking to his bandage and I yell “this is the hospital” and he gets up hella quick, comes next to me and says “where is it at?” and I point down the block to my left and he steps off. As he is getting off I can hear him talking to himself saying “I’m going to the hospital, I’m going to the hospital.. Come let’s go. ”

I just start laughing and pull off from the light when it changes green.