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9 San Bruno Limited 10.5.11 12:23pm.

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9 San Bruno Limited. Inbound.

I got no words for this. Sheesh. Some people just…I dunno… what the fuck…

So I’m coming inbound and I get to 24th and Potrero and I see hella people and this dude in a wheelchair waiting. I think to myself “lemme get a good spot to open the ramp so he can get on.” I pull up and open the lift the dude in the wheelchair starts to get on but he is coming on WAYYY to fast and he hits the edge of the ramp and gets stuck. But he still doesn’t let off the gas! He is still trying to get on and I’m telling him “dude you’re gonna have to get back off and come on slow.” He tries again and he his foot gets stuck as he is coming on so he backs off. By this time another driver came up and was trying to also tell dude that he had to change the direction he was aiming for to get on. So dude in the wheelchair tries *again* and this time he comes on so fast he almost flies off the side but gets stuck in the same location as before but now his left wheel is hanging in the air. So the other driver is trying to tell dude to back up and maneuver it one way while im telling him that when he comes on he has to slow down or he is gonna get stuck again.  So he straightens out and throttles up the ran HELLA fast and bam hits the bottom of the chair on the inside of the bus before he turned. Now it has turned into a game with this dude. It’s like we are playing a puzzle game and I gotta help this dude get his chair, the puzzle piece, in the bus.  He keeps banging the lower part of his chair on the inside of the bus and im telling him he needs to go left, then go right, then slow down and backup and it’s just like this dude don’t understand what im saying and all he knows is go forward fast. He finally turns to me and says “I have to go fast because my battery is dead.” The thing he don’t remember is that I was on another bus getting to pick *this* bus and I saw him on that bus and he had enough time to charge his bus with the charger he HAS IN HIS BACKPACK.

So he finally manages to roll himself into the wheelchair area and I ask him where he is gonna get off and he tells me “7th and Market.”


Now for those that don’t know, in San Francisco, on Market all the island bus stops are not accessible to wheelchairs. It says on the sign but we as bus drivers realize that people in chairs are like anyone else so if we see them we will load them up by pulling up into the intersection or by pulling to the curb vs the island stop.7th and Market is an island stop so in my mind in thinking ” ill get to the curb and dump dude there because this dude is tripping and he may just roll off the bus”

So we rolling and as im coming up to 7th I see I got a 71 right behind me and the bus stop area where i was going to drop him off is blocked off because the farmers market is going on across the street and there are trucks everywhere. So I just pull up past the island into the intersection and start lowering the ramp.


So dude rolls up to the front and he’s banging shit as he’s coming up so I tell dude “roll slow since we in the street” and dude just shrugged that shit off and starts to roll off. Now im looking at the angle he is going and im thinking ‘fuck this, this dude gonna roll off the side of the bus and Ima catch some heat from this when the ambulance comes so Ima hold on to the chair while he goes down’ and low and behold and I step to grab the chair he starts to edge off the ramp! So im yelling at dude that he’s rolling too fast and that he gonna fall of the ramp while im grabbing on to the wheelchair while he still is trying throttle hella fast.  So it totally looks like im pulling him and he trying to get away from me. I dunno how I manage to keep that chair on the ramp and he somehow straightens it out and he rolls off to the street. As he in the street, he starts yelling at me saying “man fuck these buses. these ramps are gonna get me killed. fuck muni” and he rolls across the street on a red light.

I just turn around and start laughing, hop back in the seat, load the ramp back up, close my doors and take off.


New Signup starts October 15th

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Hey folks, nothing story worthy until today so gonna drop this first:

All your awesome /asshole unsavory drivers that you have seen over the last 9 months are gonna change on Saturday October 15th. It’s an in house signup so drivers won’t be switching divisions on this one. Supposedly the operators at Flynn wont be changing runs though. Dunno why not.


I signed Wednesday… AND this time I did something I never thought i would be doing: i signed on a run instead of the usual extra board I was going with(ill explain those in a post in a few weeks). Hope it doesn’t bite me in the ass later.