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Outbound 29. 10:35am. 3.12.11

Posted in 29 Sunset on March 12, 2011 by 4x24

So I’m coming down Ocean to Phelan/Geneva and I’m pulling up to the bus stop. I already notice this one white dude at the bus stop and hes smoking a cigarette and gots a McDonalds coffee on the ground in front of him and once he sees me he puts out the cigarette and grabs his coffee off the ground. Dude looks like a tweeker. I open the door and he gets on and tells me
“hey I need a ride. I left my wallet and it had my clipper card inside.”
He messed up right there.
I don’t give rides to people who Have food/drinks from a fast food place in their hand. If you had money to buy that, you better have money to get on the bus or your walking.
So I tell dude no.
Dude lost it.
He starts backing and starts saying “it’s like that huh, its like that? Fuck you, you Faggot. Faggot ass buss driver. go suck a dick”
If he wanna yell at me, I’ma yell back.

So yell back “Yeah but your still gonna be walking” and I close my door.
He was like 20 ft away and he turns and comes to the front of bus, in front of me and says” fuck you faggot. Get off the bus and see what happens. Ima whip your ass. Cmon bitch open the door and see what happens. Get off the bus” so with my hand I make the motion of an OK sign and then I make the motion of 2 feet walking. I yell back to him “I’m still on the bus and your still walking! Keep walking” So I get the green light and by this time he’s still yelling other shit I can’t hear from the sidewalk as I pass him up.
I thought he was gonna throw his coffee at the bus. Guess not. Oh well.


Inbound 54. 12:23PM. 3.7.11

Posted in 54 Felton on March 8, 2011 by 4x24

So as I’m coming down Van Dyke, I get to Jennings and I let off 1 passenger. No one is at the stop but I notice this old black man(scruffy looking, probably 50+ years old, got a plastic boot they give u from the doctors on his right leg) across the street with a cane. All of a sudden he starts wavin his cane and starts hobbling across the street. Standing across the street not paying attention will get you passed up and especially at that corner where alot of people get on and off that ain’t got no money. So I decide to wait. So he gets on the bus and thanks me and that’s where things get weird/funny.

He gets to the top step and looks at me and starts to look for his translink card and he tags it and says:
Him:my woman left me for a lesbian,man.
Me:(trying to keep convo short with him) damn.
Him: and I had these muthafuckin ni***s out here kidnap me and take me to Oakland and realize I’m not the guy they want. I ain’t having a good day.
Him: bus driver,you know where a liquor store is at?

Now mind you, he is sitting in the front most seat next to the front door so I know he had seen a LIQUOR store we had just passed up like 10 seconds ago on Revere and Jennings.

Me: nah.
Him: I think theirs one on 3rd. Ima go over there. You know where I can buy some Thunderbird? This ain’t my day.
Me: *chuckles*

I get 2 blocks down and a street sweeper truck is in the middle of the intersection waiting for the metermaid to finish giving the ticket.

Him: what does this mothafucka think he doing? Does he think he the president being in the street like that?

I pass the intersection up and then he goes:
Him – bus driver, do you know where they sell Ripple? Today ain’t my day. They should hang me up.
Me- *chucking* wow.
Him- I should go hire a firing squad so they can line me up.

I get to 3rd.

Him-I should join the ku Klux Klan. They can line me up. Today ain’t my day. (he then stands up)
Me- u wanna get off here or on Palou? Ain’t no liquor store on this block. And with your cane, you better off at he next stop.
Him- yeah, Palou. Look at his guy Walkin his dog in the intersection. He gonna get run over. And it seem like he protecting the dog not the other way around. Grown ass man with a little dog. Sheesh.

some guy with a little dog,think Paris Hilton type dog, was trying to get across on a red light(for him) in front of hella cars and my bus. Didn’t really pay more attention but now they I think of it, it was kinda funny.

His stop was at Palou so I block away. I’m thinking to myself I hope he don’t snap when he get off the bus with his bad day.

I open the door, he gets off, says something to this one guy who is getting on and b-lines right.

All that happened in a matter of 5 minutes. Hahaha

I load up, close my doors and take off.