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27 Bryant. Outbound. 1:24PM. 11.4.11

Posted in Other on November 7, 2011 by 4x24

I thought for sure I would be able to get a month in without having people arguing over nothing. I thought wrong.

As I’m on Harrison St. I pull up to 8th and unload some passengers and I see these 2 girls at the corner and I see them debating if they are gonna get on the bus. I’m at the light waiting so they decide and walk to the door and hop on. One got a kid in the stroller and as she gets on she says

“you’re the first bus to stop for us.”

So I tell her “oh” and then let her know that she gotta take the baby out the stroller and her and her friend walk by. Her friend repeats it to her and I close the door and take off. All I’m thinking about is getting to the relief point not too late because I’m already down like 4 minutes due to SFFD had blocked O’Farrell *right* when I made the left turn.

Anyways, I get about a quarter of the block when I hear this one passenger in the front say

“some people just hop on the bus without paying .”

Aw shit breh your mouth just wrote a check that your ass aint gonna be able to cash.

“I don’t think you need to be talking bout me and I think you need to mind your business.”
“I’m not talking to you. I’m just talking out loud. ”
Well, you need to keep your comments to yourself.” Girl 1 then tells girl 2 “this dude trippin on us. I got a transfer. Gettin up in my business.”
“I can say anything I want! This is America. I got the freedom to speak anytime!”

“oh yeah you just need to shut the fuck up!”

“You shut the Fuck up!”


At this time, Girl 1 then starts Insulting the guy by making fun of his speech impediment and starts making noises at him. Now this is when another passenger gets into their argument.
“That’s low. That’s real nice to make fun of someone who is disabled. ”
The girls pay no attention to him.
(making noises) “you shut the fuck up! I can’t even understand what he’s saying..speak up!
“you shut the fuck up you stupid crack hoe!”

I’m thinking to myself, this is about to get real.

“crack hoe!?! Who do you think I am you retarded fuck? You don’t know me.. Ima whip your ass. Ima get my boyfriend to whip your ass.”

This is when another passenger got in the mix on the girl’s side.
“hey you don’t need to call her that.”

Another one says “We are getting involved in something that doesn’t have to do with us.”

Other passenger in the mix says “that’s true.”

By this time, I’m turning onto 11th and Harrison St and I open the door and the passenger arguing with the girls comes up to the front, pulls put his phone and tells me

“you Need to stay here till the police come because I’m reporting these 2 girls.”

I looked at him and just waited and he pulls his phone out and starts calling a number. The two girls get up and start yelling at dude to move because they want to get off now. After the 2 girls get off(mind you they are still talking shit outside the bus) the passenger guy turns to me and says

“Bus driver thank you and have a nice day” and gets off the bus.

So I closed my doors and pulled out the bus stop and kept going. All I hear other passengers talking about he should have kept his mouth shut and the girls shouldn’t have said anything and I can think of why things always happen when your trying to make your relief off the bus. A lot can happen in 3 blocks.