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Inbound 54. 7:55pm 1.18.11

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So I come to the stop on Revere and Jennings and I see this lady in the crosswalk and I kinda seems like she wants to jump on the bus but not. So she walks up to the door and I open it up and she says something and just walks by. So I tell her u better come back up here and say something and she starts yelling “everyone on this bus ain’t got money. So call the police.” So I pop my brake and sit and wait. Either she gonna say something or get off the bus. Or option 3. This one dude got on and I guess he knows her and her antics so he came up and put in the 2 dollars for her. He tells me I got it. So I tell him you in charge of her and u better keep her in control. He was like alright.

So I start Rollin and we get to 3rd and Palou and I open the door and start loading people on. Lady who kissed me jumps on the bus, greets me and hugged me and I finish loading up and I take off. So we get a couple blocks down and I start hearing commotion/people arguing. I look into the rear view mirror and crazy lady is near the front yelling to hug lady in he back. They are arguing back and forth and hug lady is saying crazy lady disrespected her before and how if she keeps talking she’s gonna whip her ass. Crazy starts yelling at her telling her to bring it. Now the dude that paid is trying to control her by telling her to calm down and in the back, hug lady is being controlled by some other lady by blocking her way from walking down to her. So they are going back and forth like this for a while and I pull over and stop.  Commotion calms down. I take off and they start up again but not as much. So we get to the guys stop and he gets off the bus and the hug lady and her friend are talking shit to the guy. The girl holding back hug lady is talking shit while he’s walking out the back door and hug lady leaps up and tries to karate kick dude but guy is already off the bus. So dude got a bike and is taking forever to take it off. So he finally takes it down and I take off and since hug lady gets off in 2 stops I’m just hoping she don’t make her way down to whip the other lady’s ass. But hug lady realizes that 1. Crazy lady is on something 2. She knows her from years back. So when it’s her bus stop she gets off the back and is talking a gang of shit. Funny ass shit on how she would whip her ass if she got off the bus and this and that.  So I close the door and take off.

I get back down to the end of the line and look an who do I see… crazy lady is on the bus asleep. Fuck that. She aint going back with me. So I yell ‘ this the end of the line’ and she just grunts. So I yell it again. She grunts and I tell her since she aint put no money in and started some drama she needs to get on. So she stands up and I realize she got no shoes on. No shoes. On. The bus. HOT DAMN. I tell her where her shoes are and she goes ‘muthafucka buy me some if u so worried bout them.’ She steps off and I close the door.

I turn my bus back on and take off.


Inbound 54. 8PM. 12.30.10

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I guess everything starts happening at 3rd and Palou.

So I pull up to the stop and see this lady I pick up every once in a while. I remember the first time I picked her up she didn’t want to get on the bus because she wanted her husband to give her a kiss before she got on. It wasn’t that funny then but today that shit makes me laugh. The things some people do.

But anyways, as I pull up to the stop, she automatically recognizes me but is also dealing with an unruly family member who didn’t want to get on the bus at the same time. And mind you this unruly family member had to be at least 30 years old. She’s at the front of the door yelling down the street “your wasting this bus drivers time! Get on the bus. Hurry your lazy ass up!” So he gets on like after 30 seconds and then she gets on with another family member. So she walks up to me and I can already smell some vodka on her breath and thanks me and she puts her hand out and holds it their. I, out of instinct, put out my hand out like an idiot like I was gonna get a high 5 or something. She takes my hand and kisses it. The then thanks me again and goes to the back with her family members. So in the back she is letting dude have it. She’s telling him how she is the older family member and how she needs to take care of him and how he needs to listen to her. She also reminds him that she will whip his ass if he gets out of line. Now, this lady is like at least 6-2 without heels and seems like she could scare anyone smaller than her.

Haha So when they get off she comes back up to exit out the front while the others are exiting out the back and she is yelling get yo lazy ass off the bus! Then she tells me thank you bus driver, hugs me, and kisses me again but this time on the temple. I couldn’t do anything because it just happened so fast.

I close my door and take off. Stunned and laughing. But more stunned.

F Transbay Line. 10PM Friday Night.

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I love when I see people from other lines because that triggered my memory from an incident on the 9..gotta get to writing that one up. and edit another 54 one.

Ahhhh..the transbay lines. The transbay lines are mainly the ones used for the commuters from all over the bay area to get to San Francisco. I always like them because they were always business people trying to get to and from work. Only the F, the NL,the O,and the LA(till about 9) were the ones that worked at all times. Now, I really didn’t have a problem with the F line except on Friday nights because if  I got to San Pablo before the 57 MacArthur, I would pick up hella kids ON TOP of the kids I picked up from downtown Berkeley. This was one of those nights.

The F line would run from Sather Gate at UC Berkeley, down Shattuck to Adeline onto Market St in North Oakland then get to 40th St to the Bay Street Mall and theaters before getting on I-80 towards SF. It was probably around 9pm due to the fact that alot of kids were going to the theaters probably trying to get to the last movie playing. So as im rolling down Shattuck I pull into the bus stop on Durant and start to load up. So this dude gets on and puts in his fare and as he walks by me BAM!, it smells like he took a shit on himself. Straight STANK. I’m thinking it usually takes me 15 min to get to the freeway and then I’m on the bridge. And at first I didn’t notice how bad it was because I just assumed since he walked by me, that’s why it was so bad. I guess I was wrong. So I’m rolling down market and I get to 40th and pull into the stop. I probably had like 5 people at this time and at the bus stop I had like 8 kids ready to get on. I had already had my jacket zipped up past my nose so when I opened the door, ALL the kids gave me a weird look and when the first on stepped on he realized why.


I tell a few of them that they could wait for that 57 but they were like ‘nah we wanna get to the movies’ so I was like ‘alright’ and zipped up my jacket. I get to San Pablo and I got like 10 more kids ready to jump on the bus. The kids on the bus were already causing a ruckus because of the smell and had half of the windows open because they couldn’t hang with the smell. The other seen this and as they got on they gave their comments out loud about the smell on the bus and who they felt it was.

“Damn that dude smell hella bad”
“*coughs* some people don’t know how to wipe?!”
“nasty muthafucka!”
“even the bus driver is covering his nose! damn dude u should get off the bus!”
“I can’t breathe, it smells shitty”

So take off from the bus stop and looking in my rear mirrors it’s a hilarious sight to see: 4 or 5 side windows are fully open and these kids are all complain about the smell and cant wait to get off. I don’t pick up no one at the next 3 stops and then its emery bay. As I open the doors, ALL of the kids get off and take off running as if someone had left a bomb or something and I’m left with like 3-4 people headed to the city. I close the doors and take off and jump on the freeway. When I pull into the transbay I pull up all the way to the supervisor’s office and hope off the bus to see if there is any supervisors in the office. There is! So this latin lady opens the door and I ask her if she had any air freshener or lysol she can give me because it smells terrible on the bus. She goes ” is it weed?” I tell her ‘nah, its smells shitty.” she looks at me funny and I say” I think someone shit themselves or something like that ” and she laughed and gave me some lysol.

I emptied that WHOLE can on the seat the guy was sitting at and anything adjacent to where he was at . I even sprayed the area he had his feet at! haha . Since I got off and walked away after I sprayed it, hella people after thought I just got my bus from getting cleaned when they jumped on haha. Told some of them what happened and I loaded up and headed back to Berkeley.

New Signup Goes in Effect on Sat Jan. 22nd

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So the good and the bad drivers will be on different runs and blocks come next Saturday (or Monday for those that work M-F schedules.)

I go back to the extra board with wed/thurs off. So I’m back to working weekends and working different runs day to day. As with anything in life.. it could be worse.

Back to variety. and different runs. and more stories.  ha

Outbound 54. 8PM. 12.31.10

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I’ve been laggin on editing this story and another. The repetition of the same route day in and day out is what I’m going to blame it on hahah

So as I get to 3rd an Palou at about 8pm, I pick up my usual amount of stragglers trying to get up into HP. I try to remember who’s who when they get on the bus(loud, don’t pay, quiet, polite) and as I’m getting the last few people on the bus this guy gets on,gives me a goofy grin, shows transfer and takes his seat. Just another person trying to go up home. So I close my doors and take off into HP. So I usually get this one drunk lady who is just SLOSHED when she gets on. She is coherent enough to keep conversations for the most part but u can tell she has been sippin the giggle juice all day long. She starts yelling at someone telling them “your not my friend, you’re the devil.” The she starts saying some other rants to this person and I’m tryin to see who she is yelling at but the person she is yelling at happens to be sitting behind me so I can see who they are. Now she’s not going all out attack mode on this person so I just take it like she’s arguing with a fellow drunk who got on along with her. We get to her stop and as she is getting off the bus she goes “you are the devil. You are not Latin” to the guy. I’m smirking because that’s some funny shit to tell someone when you get off and her facial expression is so serious you would think she was trying to put a curse on someone with her tone. So I take off and get like 7 stops down and as a lady is bout to get off this guy gets up and tells this lady “do you need some help” and she goes “not from you!” and I finally see who the guy that was arguing with the drunk lady is. He goes back to another seat and he looks drunk also. Great. So he moved to a location in the front of the bus where I could see his movement from the glare in the windshield which was not the best but I’ll take it at this point.

So I get back down to 3rd and Hudson and I still have like 10 minutes before I take off for the next trip and I tell everyone ‘I don’t leave for 10 minutes. I’m going to the bathroom,” and I step off the bus to go to the bathroom. I had 3 people on the bus and usually everyone gets off because they don’t want to wait. So I get back and I still see the drunk dude still on the bus. He’s sitting there all stuck in a trance like state. So I take off and start the next trip. I get a mile down the road and all of a sudden he comes up next to me and says something like “I use to drive a bus. I know those cameras are recording,” While pointing at the drivecam. I’m thinking to myself, I got the talkative drunk tonight. SHIT. So he then mumbles something along the lines of I’m from 3rd street or are we near 3rd street and I thought he said the latter so I told him that’s 3rd street we just passed and he just went to sit back down. Weird. So as I get to Topeka and Bridgeview he comes back up to the front of the bus trying to talk to me again. I get to the stop sign and I tell him “go sit down because you seem drunk.” He sits down then gets back up and mind you I’m already making my turn to go down this street that is a bit inclined. I see he gets up and I stop the bus. He grabs on to a pole next to me and I tell him “I told you to sit down. You get up again, your gonna get off the bus.” So I’m waiting for him to go sit down and he’s standing their with his hand on the pole. He got his finger stuck between the pole and divider thing. (Hard to explain but it would be on your right side if you were sitting in the driver’s seat) He, for a split second, seems like he got sober and goes I’m stuck! So mind you, I’m still at top part of this street with my parking brake on and I got this moron with his finger stuck. So I look at how he got his finger stuck and I push divider thing so he can pull out his finger and he finally does. He’s looking at his hand and then he looks at me. I tell him” now you are gonna sit down and if you get up you are gonna get off.” And he goes back to sit down. So I start rolling along and he starts saying something I can’t make out. I look in the reflection of the windshield and he’s all back and forth in the seat; he’s sitting one minute, then he’s lying in the seat the next minute. Ok whatever. As I get to the end of the line, I had forgotten about him and I unload my passengers and I look, and he’s still on the bus! By this time he has already rode around enough for me to figure out that he just wants to ride and well, that isn’t gonna happen tonight after all that he has done. So I tell him “this is last stop.” So he comes up and his words with me go a little like this:

“I used to be a bus driver.”

“Do you speak Spanish? Yeah you speak Spanish.”

“I’m from Chicago. 305. Miami.”

“Can I ride back?”

And other things in Spanish that made no sense.

When he said he’s from Chicago, he rolls up his shirt and shows me a tattoo of the Miami dolphins’ logo with Miami below it. He hella didn’t know where he was from. So on everything he keeps telling me I tell him, this is where you are gonna get off and you aint riding back with me. He pulls out his transfer and it was expired! I was so glad hahaha I tell him that’s expired so unless you got 2 dollars you gonna have to wait for the next one. He keeps giving me these looks like “come on” and I eventually tell him I got to go either pay the 2 dollars or get off the bus. He gets off the bus and still looks at me and tells me can I get a transfer? Ummmm NO and I close my doors. So I waste like 8 minutes or so but I still got to move up like 100 feet to pickup my passengers for my last trip out so I’m pull up and start loading and I’m looking in my side view mirror hoping he don’t come up running trying to get on my bus. I close my doors and take off.

Outbound 54. 4:40PM. 1.6.11

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When I pull up to Daly City BART, I pull up to our layover zone like 60-80 feet from the stop so people don’t rush the bus and it allows me to unload all my passengers and get off the bus to go to the bathroom. So I pop the brake, turn off the bus and after everyone has gotten off I see that I still got one dude on the bus. Asleep. At DC BART, no one stays on the bus. That’s just for my safety. And plus we are at the BART station, go sleep somewhere else. So I get over to where he is at and start yelling that it’s the end of the line and he needs to get off. So the only response I get from him is a grunt and he stays asleep. I don’t like this. If he feels like playing games ill play along with him. So I get off the bus and call central control. Since the guy isn’t responding to anything I have yelled at and also I was banging the stanchions too, I gonna get someone to come help him out. So I tell central what the situation is and that he hasn’t responded to me within the last 10 min they tell me they are sending ambulance, police and fire dept to see what’s going on.

So my follower pulls up and I tell him what the fuck is going down. I know he would agree with me because he also works nights off the board and in his words he said “when I get over here, no one stays on the bus. It’s not like the other side where the terminal really aint a terminal.” So he takes off. So I’m waiting like 10 minutes more and I hear the fire dept but they are no where in sight. Then I get the call from central and they ask me where I’m at. I’m at DC BART. Where the fuck do u think I am? Disneyland? At the movie theater? In and Out? How the dispatcher doesn’t know where I’m at even puzzles me (this has happened before.) So another 5 minutes go by and they finally turn down this side street and they see the bus. So the medic gets on the bus followed by BART police. The medic slams his clipboard on the stanchion and nothing so then the police officer gets on and grabs dude and really wakes him up. Dude was all shocked and then he officer got in his face telling him to get off the bus and asking him if he was on drugs and other stuff. Dude then said some ol dumb shit that made no sense and even the cop was wondering what he was saying. So I call central back and tell them that it was all clear. They then tell me that I need to fill out paperwork for this. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! So, now I gotta fill out paperwork on this accident/incident form and waste time for something that doesn’t need more than a memo. Thanks Central Control; makes no sense at all. After I hang up with them, dude is like 20 feet away talking shit to me while I’m inside the bus. The police officer is standing at the rear of the bus and starts walking and dude then turns around and takes off. I dunno what dude was thinking but that shit was hilarious. Did he think he was going to get on my bus again? Or that his threats were gonna scare me into giving him a transfer? Even the police officer told him to get to walking and wait for the next bus because he wasn’t going to get on this one.

I change my sign to Not in Service and head to the location where central control will put me back on route.