samTrans is hiring

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Friend at samTrans passed this to me. Deadline to apply is June 30th. This is for a part time position.



SFMTA’s memo regarding seats in upright position

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Here’s the SFMTA memo that went out regarding the seats In the upright position. Didn’t notice it till this week when I went to write down my new run info.





The OTHER 38 Bus That Caught On Fire:The HOTTT DAMMMMNNNN Edition

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On my relief trip yesterday I saw the 38 that was on fire. Seen tons of smoke and some fire coming from underneath the motor with stuff dripping on to the ground. Wound up seeing the bus today in the building. Took some pics.










One mechanic told me in all the years he’s worked, he’s never seen anything like this. Said they still gotta figure out if it was electrical or fuel that started it. He did say that both fires are both unrelated for sure.

UPDATED: 38 Geary Bus That Caught Fire Last Friday

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Last Friday Muni Diaries posted that a 38 Geary bus caught fire. Finally seen it in the building today and took a couple pics:


Gonna see if the mechanics will tell me what happened tomorrow.

8.9.11 UPDATE : spoke with one of the mechanics and he told me that what happened was that the catalytic converter got plugged up and that’s what caused the fire.

Summer Signup: The Aftermath

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hahahahhahahaha yup.

In true MUNI fashion, what I expected didn’t go as it should have( ya know like that bus supposed to be there but it aint lol)

On Sunday night, i spent over 5 hours looking over blocks and runs still available. You have to go into the sign up with some sort of idea of what you are willing to sign on. Usaully it comes back to 3 things : what days off, how much it pays, and what time it gets off/what line it runs. The 1 more thing u have to keep in mind is are you willing to do whatever you pick for at least 6 months to a year because if a signup doesn’t happen you don’t want to be on a run stuck because you thought this run was going to be temporary.

But never-mind that. Let’s get back to the situation at hand: having a template before you sign. My research led me to figure out that 16 runs were left with a weekend day off ( f/s or s/m off). Even though I signed 20 something people after those 16, I still looked them up and picked the ones I liked because you never know- someone could overlook it, people might not like those days, or the lines it does might suck. I also picked other runs and that included runs that worked the weekends and blocks that had stuff I was interested in driving.

On Monday I was fortunate enough to get a run trade so signing a WHOLE lot easier. I usually get to a sign up about 45-1 hr before i sign to see 1. what has been taken already 2. to see where sign up is currently at; by this I mean who is signing at the moment because that will tell me if signup is on time, late or ahead of schedule and 3. start asking all the people in front of me what they are choosing to sign.

So when I got there I knew I should have expected the unexpected.

First off, signup was ahead of schedule. AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. Now your probably thinking how are they ahead of schedule when people have a certain time they sign at? Basically everyone knew what they were picking if they were present or drivers had placed their choice slips in before I had showed up. Then the thing that surprised me the most was the fact that there were at least 10 of the 16 runs that had a weekend day off still available.

This was the curveball.

Even though I had written down my choices, SEEING that those were still available was a different story. So my process was to see what had already been taken then follow through with the drivers before me and see what they were gonna pick.



With it being ahead of schedule, I was pretty much gonna get my 1st choice listed. The form above is where we write down our choices and you have to write down at least 3 choices as requested by the dispatcher. Since we were ahead of schedule dispatchers putting in the choices to the computers to see if they were available were asking for the forms before your time so that they could stay ahead of schedule.





Now when they call your name, you hope that your choices that you listed are the best choices you made. Also, by then you hope that the runs selected list has been updated. Thats why I get there early enough so i can follow what has been picked so just in case the list aint updated, you follow along by asking people what they ended up getting.

When your time is up on the computer, the dispatcher inputs your selections and sees if they are available. If it is, you get that run/block/extra board spot. If its not, they keep going down your list of choices to find something that is available. If you have your list and they go completely through it, they will *try* to assign you something that is close to the choices you put down. That’s why you got to write down as many choices as you can.





The computer system takes a bit to confirm your selected choice but once its confirmed on the computer the dispatchers write it down and if you are still around you will know then that you will know what you got for the next sign up. Most people just wait til the end of the sign up when all the craziness dies down and they then have the opportunity to look at what choices were selected on their behalf.

As of today you should have seen many new drivers on the lines you were on. When I picked my choices, i ended up scratching out my 1st choice and going with my 2nd one. I messed up but oh well. So what I ended up getting on this new signup is basically what I was doing on the last signup with the exception that on my 2nd piece I do 38 to 33rd ave and on Saturdays I do the 38 limited. I least I got a weekend day off (its been 1.5 years since the last time I had it off)

We will see how long this signup lasts…(supposedly its a 6 week signup)

Performance Plan and Appraisal (Pic-O-Rama Included)

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Another one for today. Different post than what I usually put up. Had my performance appraisal earlier this week. Hadn’t had one of these since I left the last building. Put it up here so y’all can read what they go over. (this is the copy they give you so you know what’s getting reviewed)











38 Geary Line. 6.14.13 Outbound. 2:20PM

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When I get those crazies that rant and rave, they usually say what they gotta say and hop off the bus. BUT this tweeker said plenty for everyone to enjoy. 

With the construction happening at Union Square, all of us on the line were getting killed every time we went through there. This was my second trip and I was 30 minutes late at that time. Pretty much if everyone is late and you call central control  all they are gonna tell you is “continue in service operator”.

So as I made my way up Market I really didn’t pick up anyone at the stop at 1st.  Moving along i got the stop at Montgomery and I loaded up my passengers. I closed the door and moved up a bit and I seen this lady making her way to the bus but not with any real hurry to make it. My gut told me “don’t open the door…don’t open the door…don’t open the door…” but the driver in me just had to.  So I open the door and already knew this was gonna be one of those “yup should have listened to my gut moments.”

“oh hi baby thank you thank you for waiting for me” and she went to sit down . I move up a little more down the block and I hear say

“anybody got 2 dollars i can have? i’m not begging i’m just asking. its 2 different things. No? OK its all good” Then she came back up to me and asked me the same thing. I told her nah I ain’t got it but nevertheless what did she need the 2 dollars for. Then I realized I should have done that. That was the cue for her to initiate a full on conversation with me. Ugh.

“oh i’m from Sacramento. I gotta go to my house right now and then head back to Greyhound” and then she went back and sat down.  Since we were moving at a snail’s pace because of the traffic this female passenger came up to me right as I got to the intersection and said “can I get out here?” I told her I couldn’t let her out because we were pretty much in the intersection and that once I made it over I would let her off. The lady then walked back all mad. Now the other lady didn’t like that.

“You know you can’t get off here. The bus driver gotta worry about his job and the safety and not yo whiny ass. He trying to do things to get us where we gotta get to and yo just being disrespectful . They go through alot. Baby where you work at if you don’t mind me asking?” and the passenger responded to her! I dunno why she answered her after she basically insulted her but she did. All I could think of was “lemme make it across the street so I could drop off the female passenger; i don’t want them coming to blows.So it took me like 5 minutes to get across the street and when I had a good enough room,  I opened the front doors so she could get off. People got on and then I closed the door and then the other lady came back up. “you know you weren’t supposed to open the door like that for her.” I looked at her and told her that I was across the intersection and it was safe. She kinda wasn’t paying attention because and older Asian man got on and she just locked on to him from the jump.

“oh hello. you tourist? I like Asian men. But I may break you. You may not be able to handle all this little man. Do you got 2 dollars for me? ill take more 50 dollars…100 dollars.” Seemed like old man stopped paying attention to her and back she came up to bother me.

“baby, you look so good. I think you making me hot” Nah it’s the weather I told her. “nah its you. you making me horny” and she sat down right near the front this time. “I do everything. I’m just heterosexuals. Nothing else. But I do everything. EVERYTHING.”

Now mind you, this was a tweeker. Bony as shit, age had gotten to her , and not in a million years would I show any interest in someone like her. But there was no letting up from her.

“baby..look at my legs. How they look? you think they look good? go ahead touch them. c’mon go ahead and touch them.” nah i’m good. So I asked her where she gets off at. I had to know how much of this I could take before I kicked her off the bus.

“Oh I get off at Jones. What time you get off? you can come by if you want. What time you come back here? in an hr?” Oh ya I come back in an hour hahahah yeah right  ” OK ill be right here waiting for you. Or you can give me your number?” haaahaha nah you can wait right at the stop all night long .

I pulled up to the stop and at the moment she hopped off I shut them doors so fast, you would have thought I stole the bus.