8X Bayshore Express. 11:35AM. 12.7.12

I wound up passing up my leader at Columbus and Kearny heading to Fisherman’s wharf. Thought to myself he must have got hit with a couple of wheelchairs for him to be this late. So I pass him up and we start leap frogging from that point on.

I get to intersection of Powell and Lombard I open the door and drop the kneeler to let people get off. This elderly Asian lady is the last one off at the stop and she comes to the front and starts to exit the bus. As she takes her first step down she either trips or misjudges the steps and stumbles and falls off the bus. I pop the brake and get up to go help her and other Asian ladies run off the bus to try to help her too. I start asking the lady “are you OK ” and “do you want me to get an ambulance?” and the other ladies are translating to her and she tells them no and that it was her fault and that she doesn’t want medical. So I get back on the bus and call central because that’s what you do even if someone refuses medical, you gotta call it in. So from where im at on the bus I can’t see if she hurt herself but I see her rubbing her temple and side of her face. The ladies keep telling me, and mind you some hop back on the bus and some are still on the sidewalk with here, that she says that it was her fault and they keep repeating it. One of the ladies was all ready to go to when she said ” ya she said its her fault. you can take off.” So im telling these ladies to tell the elderly lady that I think she should get that checked out and that she should wait. At this moment is when she finally moved her hand from her temple and I get to see that she had a big cut above her eyebrow. Fuck the refusal of medical I WANT an ambulance to check her out. FUCK THAT. I tell the ladies to tell her to stay because she got a big cut that she gotta get checked out. Shit if my moms or someone I know gets hurt I would like someone to help her out.

So central finally calls me back and the convo went a little bit like this:

me: hows it going central an elderly lady as she was getting off my bus tripped and fell. She is refusing medical but I want an ambulance out her to check her out because she got a cut above her eye.
cc: where are you at operator?
me: Powell and Lombard. inbound.
cc: is the passenger still there?
me: yes
cc: that’s a good copy. tie it up there and we will send medical and an inspector out there.

So I get off the phone and I tell everyone left on the bus that this bus is out of service. Pretty much everyone was gone by then except for 2 guys when i looked in the mirror. I turn off the bus. So im pretty much in the seat waiting for the ambulance and an inspector and I back in the bus and there is still someone on the bus in the back. GREAT. Now it has been like 5 minutes that have passed from the time I turned off the bus till I look back in the rear view. So I get up and go back there to wake dude up. Now we can’t touch anyone so im pounding on the metal bars and plastic divider next to the rear doors and im yelling ” time to get off the bus. This the end of the line” to get dude to wake up but all I get is a grunt and a slight shift in his position. So i do it again. Start hitting the metal bars and kicking the seats next to him and I yell at him again and nothing. Now this dude is scraggly and drooling on himself and just sleep. I try with the line “I can get the police and medical out here if u need to get off” but that didn’t do anything to get a reaction. So I try again and he does the same grunt but still stays asleep so I walk back to the front. “When the inspector gets here they can deal with it” was my first thought.


So usually a fire engine gets to the scene first and starts taking care of stuff and that’s what happened. They pulled up behind the bus and they hop out and start attending to the lady asking her questions and taking her pulse and start working on her. At the same time, I hear from the back of the bus:


I look back and I see dude sitting up. I go to about half the bus and this is when all the fun begins:

me: it is the end of the line and the bus is out of service.time to get off.
bum:no its not. I know where the end of the line is.
me: this is the end of the line today. you see that the bus is off. obviously we aint going nowhere.
bum:the end of the line is down at fisherman’s wharf. this aint the wharf.
me:I been trying to wake you up hella times to tell u to hop off but aint my fault you asleep.
bum:where it say i cant sleep?where it say i cant sleep?
me:it don’t matter. we aint going nowhere so hop off.
bum: where it say i cant sleep? show me where it say i cant sleep.
me: you see that fire truck behind the bus? we had an incident. now if you wouldn’t have been asleep you would have noticed that already.
bum:well you didn’t say that.
me: it doesn’t matter because we aint going nowhere.
bum: ya it does. ya it does.

So throughout this whole thing, he keeps inching himself closer to me and I keep moving back to the front of the bus where I know the cameras work haha.

me: no it doesn’t. it don’t matter anyways. you need to get off the bus.
bum: show me where it says i cant sleep. I don’t see it anywhere.
me:what we arguing about anyways? it’s whatever. Bus aint going nowhere.

So I turn around and step into the stairwell and see the fire dept workers help the ambulance workers get the lady into the truck. As a few are walking back they hear dude yell “where it say I can’t sleep?” and I can see them laughing at the whole situation going down. So dude walks back towards the rear of the bus and gets off the back of the bus. He gets onto the sidewalk, walks to where the lady is in the ambulance and stands there and stares. Stares for a really long,creepy time. So they close up the back doors of the ambulance and the guy gets in and starts up and starts taking off. At the same time the inspector is pulling up right behind the bus. I hear hella honking and get out the bus but then I realize the inspector was honking at the ambulance haha. So after she gets information about the lady and where they are taking her she comes to me and gets information needed to fill out the report like name, run, cap number and what happened. After that she walked to the front of the bus, took one picture and finished her report. She asked for my paddle and then gave me a time and place to go to.

I hopped back in the bus and take off.


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