MUNI is hiring folks

Hey folks
Just wanted to pass along the info that SFMTA is hiring for 9163 transit drivers and it’s for this one week only.

20120528-171525.jpg to apply online.


3 Responses to “MUNI is hiring folks”

  1. Smitty24 Says:

    Hey when you got hired at ac transit and had to do the fingerprints how long did they take to come back?

    • My bad on gettin back so late but I found my old paperwork. So I had fingerprinting then a month later(5 weeks actually) I had the HR meeting(a letter came in the mail to tell me ) and that’s when they laid out the timeline to start work. On my schedule it showed me in orientation a week later and a day after that in training.

  2. Smitty24 Says:

    Damn man thats alot…class started today at AC and I was supposed to be in it but my fingerprints still havent come and I was told because I have a very common name and Because I have some old misdemeanors those could be the reason its taking forever. So in the meantime I got hired at Napa Vine so I’ll just work there until AC gets my prints back the next class starts in July

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