27 Bryant Line. Outbound. 12:30pm. 7.15.11

Good thing I didn’t pick this hold down again. Not a bad run but damn theirs too many crazies downtown. I need a change of scenery for a bit. 

So I get to 5th and Market on time, which is weird for a Friday downtown. I’m pretty glad that im going to be getting of this run and going to be on evening/late niter next week so im thinking to my self ’20 more minutes till im off’ and i pull up to the stop, open the doors and start to load up the people.

As I opened the doors, scanned the crowd and noticed crazy dude from 10 days ago and im thinking to myself, “maybe today he is not going to be talking to himself…”

So wrong…so wrong…

As he steps on he said something along the lines of “I don’t need anyone” or ” I don’t care for anyone”. So this time around, I pulled out my pen and paper and wrote down almost every phrase he said.

He went to stand around the backdoor and the performance began:

“I’m no good for anybody” said multiple times

“I don’t care” said multiple times

“It’s all in my head”

“I’m not afraid to be locked up”

“Theirs a radio in my head”

“I’m a schizophrenic” said like 4 times

“Stevie Wonder has money”

“I don’t need a newspaper. I got a newspaper in my head”

“I can see my own tv in my head”

Then some people were talking about the giants and how they were playing and what time the game started and then Mr. Crazy felt like making some statements on that:

“no no no no no no” repeated 2 times

“I hate the Giants” said 3 times

“To hell with the Giants”

“I don’t care about the Giants” said 2 times

“I live in my own universe”

“I don’t know if I reading a book or not”( He had no book)

So I got to Division and Bryant and I picked up this other driver and he asked me how my day was and I told him to listen and Mr. Crazy was back to saying “I don’t care” several times. He asked me some other questions which helped me keep my mind off dude. I got to 17th and dropped off the driver and I continued on. Mr. Crazy said “I’m no good to nobody” a couple more times and I got to the relief at 24th and seen that it was not the regular driver and I told him the condition of the bus and that he had a crazy dude on the bus talking to himself. He just shrugged it off and smiled and started to adjust the seat and I took off.

Also, I knew I had seen someone who looked like this dude online and I found the image. He looks almost dead on like this guy with the glasses (minus the fitted hat) on the left side in the picture. Now you know who to keep away from on Market.


3 Responses to “27 Bryant Line. Outbound. 12:30pm. 7.15.11”

  1. Frankie Says:

    your stories are great, keep up the good work. Longtime rider of the 27 and the 9!

  2. Hi,
    Have you ever heard of Robert Post?
    I met him in a bus, and wrote this short story about our experience:

    He wrote a book full of his bus experiences called ‘achter klapdeuren’. It is very good, but too bad for you it is in Dutch. The stories are similar though. Short, funny and touching!

    Well done on your stories!


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