23 Monterey Line. Outbound. 2:19PM 5.21.11

Some people should be clowns or jesters and because they only pop up for comic relief hahaha

As I was driving up on Oakdale approaching Bayshore, I had this one guy come up to the front of the bus and basically proceed to talk my ear off.
Him-“you hear anything about the stabbing on the 14?”
Me-“I ain’t seen the article but I heard they figured out the weapon that was used was a screwdriver. ”
Him-“oh yeah. Me and my lady were on the 14 yesterday and this white lady said she had a knife and was gonna cut someone.”
Me-“yeah. They said it was a screwdriver. ”
Him-“ya but this lady said she had a knife and was gonna kill someone because she didn’t care. She kept telling my lady that.”

At this point I knew he was not gonna stop talking so after all his responses all I did was nod and say Uh-huh.

-“ya that lady kept tellin my lady that and homie she said she was gonna do it.”
-“I hope they got that lady cuz I ride with my kid you know what I’m saying”
-“she was making threats to my lady and I don’t play like that homie.”
-“that 14 line is crazy homie. You know they got a lot of crazy people on that line you know what I’m saying.”
-“in Los Angeles where I live, if the bus seats are full the bus is full. I came out here and seen that you could stand up and until everyone is packed in it’s full homie. That was like a culture shock homie you know what I’m saying”
-“my cousin is snoop dogg and I’m in the music industry but you know out here they got that red and blue stuff and I don’t play like that homie. I’m cool with everyone. You know mr Capone-e? He my cousin. But you know homie I’m coo with everyone.”
-“I ain’t got time for this red or blue stuff. I’m a sous chef and I make 80,000 a year homie you know what I’m saying”
-“you know I’ma little drunk but I’m coo homie, I keep to myself I don’t go crazy on people like that lady with the knife.”
-“ya know it’s crazy on these buses homie. Ya know when I be drinking I be Gettin on the bus but I don’t bang none of these colors out here but ya know homie people assume. Like if I were to shave my head ya know what I’m saying”
-“you from frisco homie? You look like you from here. ”
-“you know homie I’m from San Diego and it’s a big difference to San Francisco homie.”

So the last thing this dude says before getting off on Misson st is:
-“You know what those dudes did to that giants fan? That ain’t right homie. That ain’t right. But I’ll tell you if they catch those dudes I’ll be the first one in line to cut off their heads you know what I’m saying”
I open my doors and he tells me to have a good day and he walks away.

All I can do is shake my head, close the doors and drive away.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your stories! I enjoy reading them!

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