Motorcoach K Ingleside. 7:34AM. 5.15.11

Yay. Bay 2 Breakers makes everyone more grouchy than they already are. On this schedule I had was attached an early morning/Sunday motorcoach K Ingleside before I could do the 36. On top of having a small 30 ft bus to do this trip, Bay 2 Breakers was causing massive reroutes and backups EVERYWHERE. My trip was supposed to start at Steuart and Market but with the reroute I started at Market and Van Ness. So I left the yard on my way to Van Ness and once I got to 11th I could see that traffic was madness. I turned onto Van Ness at Mission and was stuck in traffic for 10 minutes till I made it up to Market where I started my route towards West Portal. Once I got to West Portal that’s where EVERYONE wanted to go downtown since the trains hadn’t started yet. On top of the regular people Trying to get downtown, you got hella other people trying to go downtown for B2B also.

So I pull up to Ulloa and West Portal to start loading up. I see there are hella POP’s and inspectors and a few walk up to my bus to help me load up. My bus loaded up quick. REAL quick. I was at my yellow line in under 2 minutes and I was Getting ready to close but an inspector comes up on my left side to the window and goes “we got some more people coming, you think you can fit any more?” I tell him I’m at my yellow line and he looks and gives me the ok to take off. So at the same time. on my right side, I got the POP’s trying to load some more people into the bus. They yell into my bus to try to get people to move back and yell at the crowd that my bus got enough for 2 more people. There is an old man right next to the POP and he’s the first to b-line to my bus and he yells back at the POP, “2 more standing!” and storms angrily to the door. The POP asks me if I can lower the bus and I tell him I can’t because Once I lower the bus it won’t come back up. He says ok starts telling people to move back and wait for the next one and the old man grunts buts gets on the bus and stuffs himself right behind the line with the other girl who squeezes in and I close my door and take off. As I approach Forrest Hill station, the old man starts making grunts and long sighs and I’m thinking to myself something is up with this dude and I know he is gonna let me know.

And he does.

Him-“you didnt let the kneeler down. you drivers don’t care about us. You don’t care of we die.”
Me-“as I told you and the inspectors and pop, if I let this bus down it’s not going to come back up.”
Him-“you don’t care. I hit myself and you don’t care. You don’t care if we die ”
Me- “like I said before I can’t let the bus down.”
Him-“yeah yeah. Your job is safe. With all these missouts and your bonus and sick days. Yeah your safe and we die.”
Me-“your still not listening. You could have waited for the next one but you go on after I told you and the inspector the situation.”

So when I approach the stop I yell to the people on the bus “if anyone needs the stop ring the bell to let me know because I’m not going to stop.” no one rings so I start going.
He then yells(word for word) “that lady out there needs to get off at forest hill but you don’t care. Your leaving people. You drivers..”
Me-“I’m only dropping off since I have no room for anyone else on this bus. You are not listening which is funny. You only want to hear what you want. ”
Him-“yeah yeah whatever”
I get to Church and Market and an N Judah bus gets in front of me which helps me out since no one is getting off and no one is getting on as I have to pass up stops. At each stop I pull up behind the N and tell people walking to my bus to jump on that one since I don’t have any room. We go like this for 3 more stops and we finally get to Van Ness which is my last stop due to B2B. I open the doors and yell to the bus “last stop” and everyone gets off. I got people asking how do we get downtown and I tell them underground opened like 5 minutes ago and that they should head downtown since the F and any other bus that runs on Market is rerouted or like us the Metro replacements on early Sunday: we go out of service.

I change my headsign and head to Cesar Chavez and Valencia to Get ready to start my trips on the 36 Teresita.
Just another day.


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