12 Grand. Inbound. Afternoon

Heres a more funnier story that happened

I would up getting this 12 early that day. I pretty happy bout that. I was a bit tired since I didn’t get much sleep the night before since I had a late schedule but I saw it as my chance to get off earlier than usual. The other good thing about this schedule was that I got one of the 30 ft van hool buses so it made turns and driving extra easy. BONUS!

I was already into my 3rd round trip when I started feeling the tiredness coming on. I thought to myself “when I get a chance I’ll pull over near the end of the line and get me a Rockstar or a Red Bull.” When I drove the 12, the end of the line was at Jefferson Park and you almost never had anyone on after you passed Broadway and their was a store 1 block from the end of the line. Now the 12 really just served the old people on Grand ave going downtown and people getting off of BART going into the Piedmont neighborhood going the other way.

So I get going on the trip. I had a light load,probably like 5-9 people through the piedmont neighborhood till I got to 20th and near the lake where I let some people off. As I’m getting ready to take off I look down the block and see the full throttle truck handing out energy drinks. Hell yeah. Ima get me one and save some money. So I take off and pull up to the truck, open my doors and ask to make sure they are giving out drinks. The girl says yeah and hands me a 4 pack. I was thinking to myself this is soo sick.

Their was more.

The guy in the truck turns around and says “you got people on your bus?” I told him that I did and he grabs 4 cases…yes 4 CASES(about 96 cans) of full throttle and tells me “here ya go! Hand them out and keep the extra!.” While I’m thanking him for hooking it up, I’m loading these cases onto the bus where the empty space is above the wheel. (similar to the empty space on the hybrids but the Van Hools had a longer area) I tell the people on the bus they are welcome to take as many as they want. One old guy takes 8 of them and the others take one. I’m thinking to myself “if I can’t get rid of these, how am I gonna get them off the bus? ” When I get to the end of the line, I break down one case all around the driver area: had some cans on my left side, had some cans on the right side, had some cans in the front of the dash, and had some cans in the little driver storage area behind my head. I think I had maybe one or 2 round trips to go and im telling everyone who’s getting on the bus if they want to take any. I think through the whole run, I got rid of like 15. So when I finish my route, I start thinking of how I’m a carry these to my car since I was under the impression that once you bring the bus in you bring it to the wash rack. I pull up and start loading up my back pack. I think I got under a case loaded up in it and that shit was hella heavy and I still got another 2 cases to carry PLUS my jacket and a pouch where we keep the paddle and other things related to the run. I finally manage to get everything off the bus and in my hands. From where I left the bus to where my car is at is about one block’s distance and damn that was the longest block ever. I struggling and stopping every so many stops thinking “is this shit gonna fall” or “is this box gonna break” Hahah I finally get to the parking lot door and this dispatcher sees me and goes “why didn’t u pull the bus up here?” I told him I didn’t know. Another 15 minutes later and everything was finally loaded in my car.

When I see people now handing out energy drinks and I think to myself  if I pull over I hope I can just get 1, just 1


2 Responses to “12 Grand. Inbound. Afternoon”

  1. ralph p Says:

    Yooo I can so relate to this. I thought I was the only one who feels xtra tired in the middle or beggining of a run. & as far as u getting cases instead of one or two….. xtra sweeet!

    • ralph p Says:

      Oh yea I dnt like to carry anything of the bus or too my car like tht bcuz some companies may suspect u of stealing. Especially with cameras, so good call on filln the back pack.

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