Outbound 54. 6:50AM. 4.30.11

And you wonder why drivers say no to free riders.

I pulled out early on this run; something like 5:40am. On the weekend the schedules suck on the 54. I mean no time altogether. So when I picked up these 2 characters, I really didn’t pay attention if they had anything; I was just trying to keep the schedule so I could go to the bathroom. They jumped on at Ingalls and sat down midway in the bus. At about University I noticed they had a blanket over both of their heads and knew they were sleepers. Whatever I thought, They will probably get off a Geneva so I really didn’t pay any more attention to them. A couple blocks after Geneva I seen they were still on the bus. I thought to myself, “when I get to the end of the line, they better get off.” So pull into Daly City Bart and it’s like 6:50am. I tell everyone this is the end of the line and people start getting off. After everyone gets off these 2 are still sitting there. So look in the mirror and see the guy is sort of awake and the lady was asleep. I turned around and our convo went like this:
Me- this is end of the line so y’all gonna have to get off.
Lady-we going back
Me- well y’all gonna have to pay 2 dollars since y’all didn’t pay when you got go
Lady- we ain’t got no money we homeless
Me-then y’all gonna have to get off
Lady- we ain’t getting off
Me- lemme tell you like this I’ll give you to minute to voluntary get off the bus and after that ill let the police come get you off
Lady-call the police. We don’t give a fuck
That’s all I needed to hear; I call central control.
Phone rings and here’s the convo between me and central.
Me- good morning central. I got a couple of passengers on the bus who are refusing to get off. Can you send me the police.
Cc- are they asleep?
Me-no they are wide awake
Cc- what’s the problem?
Me-they are refusing to get off.
Cc- we will send you help.

So I tell them “since you like to be disrespectful, you can disrespect the police all you want because now you gonna deal with them” and I step off the bus. Now the guy, who hasn’t said nothing but just looking blankly decides to get up off the bus and go into the BART station and get muni courtesy ride tickets (off topic: but if you ride the 28 or 54 and use DC BART, these are awesome if you don’t have money)

He comes back after like 4 minutes of being in the station. I’m assuming he told the agent he needed to use the bathroom so he could get the courtesy ride tickets from inside. He gets to the door and looks at me( I’m outside the bus to the right) and while holding the tickets up says “we got the fare.”

Sorry buddy. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars.

I let him know both of them still ain’t gonna ride. So he jumps back on the bus and goes back to where he was sitting and then the lady comes back to the front on the bus and starts to sweet talk her way back in my good graces. She starts with “hey mr bus driver I won’t say nothing else” and then says something else I didn’t catch.

Yup. I tell them again that they still ain’t going back on this bus. So like 2 minutes later, BART police shows up and it’s the same officer from my other incident. He comes up to me and asks who they are and I tell him that it’s the only 2 people on the bus. He walks onto the bus and proceeds to give them an earful. I didn’t catch all of it but from what I heard he was telling them something like I did them the courtesy of giving them a ride and also why are they wasting my time and the other people trying to get on the bus. After his talk to them they walked off the bus with a smirk. You can smirk all you want outside. I thanked the officer and jumped on the bus to call central and load the passengers at the same time. Central called me back and I told them that the situation had been cleared and if I could “continue in route”. Central gave me the Ok and I took off from the Bart station about 7 minutes late.


One Response to “Outbound 54. 6:50AM. 4.30.11”

  1. This for dealing with these creeps. I notice that is usually the ones who sneak in the back who cause all the problems.

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