Outbound 9. 8:40PM. 4.26.11

I’m telling you that shit usually happens on the last trip..

I take off from 2nd and Market at about 8:35pm and I’m making good time. I get to 5th and Market and I get my first bunch of morons: these 2 Ol drunkish-grampa-aged white dudes. So I do get alot of people at this stop but when you make good time, it evens out. So the 1st old dude has a token and he shows it to me and I get a transfer and I’m holding it next to the box and since I see it’s a token I know it’s the fare so he gets the transfer and I assume he’s gonna drop the token in the box. Well, not exactly. He starts fiddling around with it and tapping it at the coin slot as to say,telepathically to me while smiling at me with his missing front teeth, “hey bus driver, I got a token but I’m a make it seem like I dropped it in the box and just take the token and the transfer for free.”

Sorry toothless Tommy, it ain’t gonna fly.

So after 5 seconds of time-wasting I just tell him ‘drop in the box.’ So he drops it in the box and then starts Tryin to make convo like “orale” and “ya you from San Francisco” and I’m thinking to myself I got a conversationalist with me tonite..great. So I tell him “cmon keep it moving” and he goes and takes a seat near his friend. Good thing they were chatting each other up cuz I wouldn’t be able to deal with his bullshit.

I get to 16th and Potrero and pick up a wheelchair and about a dozen people and wheelchair dude tells me he wants to get off at Bacon. Sounds good and I get going.

Some old dudes start talking about how they are from San Francisco and how they used to live in the Haight and then they went to music and how they wrote some song that is hella famous and were trying to sing it but didn’t know the words. One of them had a goofy ass laugh that would change octaves also. So when I get near their stop the 1st moron decides to just walk all the way to the front and hold on to the handles on the front and the one on the door. I gave him a piece of my mind after that.
Me-“what do you think you’re doing? Theirs a reason to standing behind the line.”
Him-“oh I didn’t know. (and he moves up 1 step)”
I pull up to the stop(but still don’t open my doors) and let him have some more.
Me-“you aint paying attention and that’s how accidents occur. what if a car pulls out in front and i gotta jam on the brakes? you gonna get hurt and I’m a get in trouble because you aint thinking. that’s why you stay behind the line”

him-*blank look*

Then to top it all off his friend has to throw his 2 cents in by saying:” you’re getting a paycheck” as he gets off right after. What does your friends intelligence and reading level in regards to safety have to do with my paycheck?  still trying to figure that one out.

So I close my doors and im mumbling words under my breath and they are waving goodbye to me and i take off.

I get to Bacon and San Bruno and start getting ready to let the wheelchair dude off. I let the lift out and then nothing. It doesn’t want to go up and it doesn’t want to go down. GREAT. I keep hitting the button for like 2 minutes to see if anything will unstick but nothing so i call central. Now we have 2 buttons to call central: a regular call button and a priority button. I hit the priority button because, well… it was a priority since it never happened to me before.

They call me back like within the minute and here is how the convo went:

Me-“hows it going central. this is run 189 on the 9L. my wheelchair lift is stuck. doesn’t want to go in and out.”

CC-“run 189? you need to change the radio we have it saying 42. Location?ID?”

me-“on San Bruno at Bacon going outbound. ” I tell him my id number.

CC-“is the wheelchair passenger getting on or getting off?”

Me-“getting off.”

CC-“ok. we are going to send you some help. next time don’t use the priority.”

me-“copy that.”

So I tell the wheelchair passenger( who is like right next to me now) if he heard that. He said no. So I told him that central said this situation wasnt a priority and not to use that button for this. He looked at me an laughed and said “it is a priority to me!” and we laughed. Then he told me ” the fire engine will get me off the bus.” I didn’t know what he meant but I was soon to find out.

4 minutes later, a fire engine pulls up and 4 firefighters get out. I’m thinking to myself “there isn’t an injury or life threatening thing going on so where did they come from?” and the passenger gets up and hobbles down the steps. The 4 firefighters grab his scooter/wheelchair and pick it up out the bus. He gets back in his chair and gives me a wave and says good night and rolls off ha-ha

About 3 minutes later, an inspector pulls up and starts asking me questions. I told him that a fire engine came a took the passenger off the bus. He asks if I got the engine number and I told him no. I didn’t know i was supposed to get it. So he then starts pushing at the lift while I hit the button and nothing. So I let him get at the controls and I step aside and after 30 seconds it clicks loudly and moves in. You should have seen my face.  like really?!? the lift moves for him but not for me!? wow.

So he asks to see my paddle and radios in to central that we got it moved in and since the current time was the time I was supposed to pull in he just told me to go ahead and do that since their isn’t any point in waiting for the shop.

I change the head sign to ‘garage’ and head in.


One Response to “Outbound 9. 8:40PM. 4.26.11”

  1. chevorlady Says:

    OMFG, dude I roll for AC. Transit, this makes my day. People just don’t understand what we go through on these busses. This shit is not for the weak or faint at heart. In my 14 years I have seen and heard all. The problems we face, passengers, traffic, crazy folks, pedestrian, and company bullshit is enough to have you questioning your faith. Hey you need more stories please let me know, I got lots for you on the AC side.

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