51 Broadway. Outbound. 12:20am

I ended up with this late schedule this nite and it ended at around 12:40-12:45am. And lemme tell you I was rolling so I could pull in and go home because my ride home took 20 minutes and those minutes were precious to my sleep haha.

So by the time I got to Park and Santa Clara in Alameda, I gave a quick look in the mirror and it looked like no one left on board. Cool. I could get to the end of the line,change my sign, and be moving towards the division all in no time. So when I got to Broadway and Blanding, I changed my headsign, looked up again quickly and started to head towards the building over the Fruitvale Bridge. So what we’re supposed to do is do a “once over” and walk up and down the coach to make sure everything is good and nothing is left over. Well this time something was left over and it was this dude sleeping! Right after the bridge its bumpy, so I looked up and I seem dude jump up when I hit a pothole and thought how the hell didn’t I see him? Also, on the Van Hool style 40′ buses had a sort of wall/partition/side that was where the doors were and they were the 2nd set of rear doors so if someone were slouched over and sleeping and if someone didn’t do what they were supposed to do(me duh), this would have happened.

So when he jumped up and I noticed he did, I was already at Fruitvale and east 9th st where we make our turn to get to the freeway to pull in. So our convo went like this at the light :
Me-“you know the buses stopped running like 20 min ago.”
Him-“where we at?”
Me-“were on Fruitvale. Where you need to go?”
Him-“to the Bart station we near it?”
Me-“yeah. Like 3 blocks from it. Lemme pull over and I’ll drop you off. ”
Him-“right on. This is even better for me! That’s where I needed to go.”
Me-“(as I’m turning to let him off) I didn’t even see you back there. Good thing you got up.”
Him-“yeah I know. I just been nodding off.”

So I open the door and get up and point out to him which way he has to go. After he gets off, I get up and just do a walk through just to make sure no one is sleeping in or under the other seats. I get back in my seat,put it back in gear and head towards the freeway.


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