52L Sather Gate. Saturday Afternoon.

Got a few stories done.Gonna be putting them up over the next few days.

Totally forgot bout 2 incidents on the 52. Here’s the 1st:

During the weekends the 52L would get to El Cerrito Bart and switch over and become another line: the 79 MLK/Colusa. The 79 was a super easy line so it complimented the 52L since that line never had any running/recovery time on it. On this day, I picked up a regular with her daughter and she wanted to ride around for a bit. We had been rolling around for a couple of hours and when I got to Sather Gate is when this little incident happened.

So I’m sitting in the seat talking to the lady and I usually would let the passengers on so they wouldn’t have to be standing around. So this one homeless looking dude* tries to get on but he has his shoes around his neck. He tries to get on by not paying and walking right past me so I tell him if you want to get on you’re gonna have to put your shoes on and put something in the box. He starts talking shit when he steps off the bus and he’s crowding the doorway so now I start getting irritated. I really can’t close the doors since I’m not getting off the bus and I can’t take off because it ain’t time to go. Only thing left to do was deal with this crazy head on. He keeps going on about how if I step of the bus he is gonna whip my ass and how if he sees me again he’s gonna whip my ass and everything he’s gonna do will wind up whipping my ass. He makes other comments about how he is gonna cut me(I Dunno with what since he has nothing that could make me think that) so I tell him how his best bet is to keep walking because if I get off the bus there is only one person gonna get his ass whipped and it ain’t gonna be me. So we keep goin on like this for a few more minutes and finally I tell him “you wanna keep talking about threatening my life in front of all these people, when I push this button and get the sheriff out here trust me you will regret all this.” So he keeps talking a little more shit and then starts Walking away,yelling and screaming.

So people start getting on my bus and start asking questions and the lady with her daughter tells me “what an Interesting day!” and I tell her “and my day isn’t even done!”

*this dude got on my bus before and after this incident. The 1st time he was cussing up a shit-storm but got off before i figured out it was him. the 2nd time he was on his meds; no cussing, paid his fare, was quiet and was totally opposite that what I saw here.


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