51 Broadway Outbound. Sunday Night. About 8:30PM

I had been thinking bout what lines I  worked and realized I never put any stories up bout the 51. Probably because I hated that line so much I must have purposely blocked it out of my mind hahaha I got 2 more from the 51 I’m working on typing out.

So the 51 is one of the busiest lines out out the division where I worked out of. Every day was busy. Even busy until we had to pull in busy. It would be the equivalent of a 14 or 38 or 71.

So I was doing the 51 on a late night schedule that night. I believe I got off at around 12ish. It wasn’t *that* bad since it was a Sunday and it was after 7 in which you noticed a reduction in time and reduction in people.

So I was on time when I left rockridge Bart and being on time meant driving hella slow to the next time-point. So when I got to pleasant valley and Broadway I was glad I had to pick up people. Too bad for me since they were going to fuck my night up.

At the bus stop were three boys. 2 had bikes and the 3rd didn’t. So I load up some people while the boys loaded up their bikes on the rack. So when they get on the bus a 4th boy pulls up and tries to take one of the the bikes off so he can load his. I start to say something to the boy who’s bike it is but he is already running out the door to get his bike.** 4th boy and the 2nd boy are arguing about how he should put his bike on and the other is telling him no. This continues for like 2 min and that’s when I tell them that only 2 bike can be put on and that one of them needs to move out the way cuz they wasting my time.

Nothing. They keep arguing. 4th boy is trying to take the bike off and other is holding on to it so then I told them if they don’t figure it out in the next minute I’m calling the cops.

“fuck you. Call the cops I don’t care” says the 4th boy who is *still* trying to take off the 2nd boys bike. So I press the priority button and wait for central to call. So by this time at least 10 minutes have passed, some passengers are getting irritated and I’m getting angry. With all this time wasted I thought I’m going to get no time to go to the bathroom, which is no bueno on a route that is at least 1 hr one way.

So eventually the kids come to an agreement of sorts and the one with the bike on the rack takes his bike off and the other puts his on and starts walking to try to get on my bus.


He gets to the front door and is about to step and I tell him “you know you ain’t gonna ride this bus after all that.” He started getting mad and said something I don’t remember and I told him that he’s better off getting his bike before the police get there and riding away. So he wasted 2 more minutes before be finally gets around to taking his bike off the rack at which time the other boy with the other bike gets off the bus and also grabs his. This was finally my opportunity to get back in gear and try to catch my schedule. I take off and finally get called back from central asking me what the situation was and how it diffused itself and when I get to the end of the I would call them back to get put back on schedule.

So I’m rolling and I get to about 28/29th and Broadway and load my passengers up and as I’m about to close my doors, the young boy causing all the trouble rolls up on the sidewalk and yells ” I got something for you” and grabs at his pocket of his black hoodie. At this point I didn’t know if he 1. Had a gun 2. Was messing around that he had something but didn’t 3. Wasn’t really thinking of the situation as a whole and I looked at him and answered with an “oh yeah…” and pushed the emergency button(which would bring the sheriffs out)and drove off. I kept picking up passengers and when I got to about 20th is when the sheriff pulled up next to me and I explained the whole situation and at this point I remembered that one of the boys was still on the bus( the one without a bike) and I told the sheriff that he should talk to him because he knows who the other ones were.

So the officer takes the boy outside and is having words with him and like about 4 minutes later, a supervisor rolls up and starts asking me questions and is trying to get the information gathered. He started talking to the boy and then comes back to me and tells me 1. to get to 14th and Broadway and that we will put my passengers on the next bus and 2. To take the kid with me (after I had already said I didn’t want him on my bus). Now I got mad. So got back in gear and took off flying down Broadway because I wanted to talk to this supervisor off the bus.

I get to Broadway and the supervisor was already there. He jumped on my bus to let the people know that the 51 behind me was going to take them because I was going to be taken out of service. So I step off and I tell him that I didn’t know what the kid had so I pushed the button. He said ” well that button should only be used in situations where your life is in immediate danger. ” the look on my face was that of “what the fuck?” and “is this guy a moron?” combined together. After that I didn’t want to even talk to him about why he had me still allow the kid back on the bus.

So we switched the passengers onto the other bus and he looks at my paddle and puts me at a time point that I won’t be able to make. I just agree, change my head sign, head into Alameda and get to where I got to go.

** i didn’t realize it till later but all the boys knew each other


One Response to “51 Broadway Outbound. Sunday Night. About 8:30PM”

  1. Nice to see public transpo mgmt looking out for their employees!

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