Outbound 29. 10:35am. 3.12.11

So I’m coming down Ocean to Phelan/Geneva and I’m pulling up to the bus stop. I already notice this one white dude at the bus stop and hes smoking a cigarette and gots a McDonalds coffee on the ground in front of him and once he sees me he puts out the cigarette and grabs his coffee off the ground. Dude looks like a tweeker. I open the door and he gets on and tells me
“hey I need a ride. I left my wallet and it had my clipper card inside.”
He messed up right there.
I don’t give rides to people who Have food/drinks from a fast food place in their hand. If you had money to buy that, you better have money to get on the bus or your walking.
So I tell dude no.
Dude lost it.
He starts backing and starts saying “it’s like that huh, its like that? Fuck you, you Faggot. Faggot ass buss driver. go suck a dick”
If he wanna yell at me, I’ma yell back.

So yell back “Yeah but your still gonna be walking” and I close my door.
He was like 20 ft away and he turns and comes to the front of bus, in front of me and says” fuck you faggot. Get off the bus and see what happens. Ima whip your ass. Cmon bitch open the door and see what happens. Get off the bus” so with my hand I make the motion of an OK sign and then I make the motion of 2 feet walking. I yell back to him “I’m still on the bus and your still walking! Keep walking” So I get the green light and by this time he’s still yelling other shit I can’t hear from the sidewalk as I pass him up.
I thought he was gonna throw his coffee at the bus. Guess not. Oh well.


3 Responses to “Outbound 29. 10:35am. 3.12.11”

  1. Thanks for standing up to creeps like that.

  2. That sucks man. Have you ever got assaulted? Might not be the funniest story, but I’d like to hear if you have.

    • nah never been. i felt like i was goin to get shot by these kids though. ima finishing up that story slowly but surely

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