Outbound 9. About 11:30AM.

The 9 San Bruno is one of those lines that picks up a lot of people at all times of the day. I remember I was doing a schedule on the 9 and it was like 11:30 am and I had a standing load. I mean PACKED. Like where did everyone come from? Hahaha

But anyways, this happened as I was going outbound when I was first feeling out all the lines. I was coming down Market St and I was going to turn on 11th to get to the bus stop right at the corner. I’m already scanning the crowd to see who’s who. I see this one guy who usually gots a lot of cans he takes to the recycling center down near Oakdale. He was like 20 feet from the bus stop pole. As I slow into the bus stop I see these 2 white dudes look into the bags next to the pole and start kicking it and when I open the doors they just start to rush on without paying or saying anything. Now as I’m about to say something to them, the black guy jumps on the bus literally right behind them and grabs one of the dudes by the jacket and he pulls away so he comes up right behind him and they start roughing each other up right in the front( like where the elderly seats are). Glad no one was sitting there. So black dude got white dude in like a chokehold and he’s yelling in dudes face:

“What did my bags do to you? Tell me what they did to you!”

He kept repeating it like 2 more times.

So right when they first start tussling around I pop the brake and yell at them “take that shit off the bus or ima call the cops.” Like 30 seconds after black dude finished yelling at dude he let him go and walks back up to the front and pulls out his 2 dollars and tries to put it in the box and I tell him ” you and them cant ride. Yall gonna have to get off the bus.” The black guy looks at me at understands and he gets off. Now mind u, this dude never ever gave me any problems and he would make sure his bags of cans were out of the way when he got on. So it kind of sucked that he had to get off but if your gonna put hands on someone u gonna have to go. So I look back a see the 2 white dudes still on the bus; kinda at the single seats and I yell at them both of you gonna get off the bus. The one dude who caused all this looks back at me through the rear view mirror and says

“Who Me?”

I almost wanted to laugh at this idiot but I had to keep the straight face. He was like

“I didn’t do anything!”

I told him if u don’t get off the bus I’m calling the cops. His other friend didn’t do anything through this whole scene. He just stood their like a dumbass while his friend was getting choked out and while his friend was getting an earful from me.  So they get off the back off the bus and I start to take off and as I look in the rear mirror the idiot decides to kick my bus. Like really?! You still aint gonna get on the bus.


I just keep on rollin…

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