Inbound 54. 7:55pm 1.18.11

So I come to the stop on Revere and Jennings and I see this lady in the crosswalk and I kinda seems like she wants to jump on the bus but not. So she walks up to the door and I open it up and she says something and just walks by. So I tell her u better come back up here and say something and she starts yelling “everyone on this bus ain’t got money. So call the police.” So I pop my brake and sit and wait. Either she gonna say something or get off the bus. Or option 3. This one dude got on and I guess he knows her and her antics so he came up and put in the 2 dollars for her. He tells me I got it. So I tell him you in charge of her and u better keep her in control. He was like alright.

So I start Rollin and we get to 3rd and Palou and I open the door and start loading people on. Lady who kissed me jumps on the bus, greets me and hugged me and I finish loading up and I take off. So we get a couple blocks down and I start hearing commotion/people arguing. I look into the rear view mirror and crazy lady is near the front yelling to hug lady in he back. They are arguing back and forth and hug lady is saying crazy lady disrespected her before and how if she keeps talking she’s gonna whip her ass. Crazy starts yelling at her telling her to bring it. Now the dude that paid is trying to control her by telling her to calm down and in the back, hug lady is being controlled by some other lady by blocking her way from walking down to her. So they are going back and forth like this for a while and I pull over and stop.  Commotion calms down. I take off and they start up again but not as much. So we get to the guys stop and he gets off the bus and the hug lady and her friend are talking shit to the guy. The girl holding back hug lady is talking shit while he’s walking out the back door and hug lady leaps up and tries to karate kick dude but guy is already off the bus. So dude got a bike and is taking forever to take it off. So he finally takes it down and I take off and since hug lady gets off in 2 stops I’m just hoping she don’t make her way down to whip the other lady’s ass. But hug lady realizes that 1. Crazy lady is on something 2. She knows her from years back. So when it’s her bus stop she gets off the back and is talking a gang of shit. Funny ass shit on how she would whip her ass if she got off the bus and this and that.  So I close the door and take off.

I get back down to the end of the line and look an who do I see… crazy lady is on the bus asleep. Fuck that. She aint going back with me. So I yell ‘ this the end of the line’ and she just grunts. So I yell it again. She grunts and I tell her since she aint put no money in and started some drama she needs to get on. So she stands up and I realize she got no shoes on. No shoes. On. The bus. HOT DAMN. I tell her where her shoes are and she goes ‘muthafucka buy me some if u so worried bout them.’ She steps off and I close the door.

I turn my bus back on and take off.


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