Inbound 54. 8PM. 12.30.10

I guess everything starts happening at 3rd and Palou.

So I pull up to the stop and see this lady I pick up every once in a while. I remember the first time I picked her up she didn’t want to get on the bus because she wanted her husband to give her a kiss before she got on. It wasn’t that funny then but today that shit makes me laugh. The things some people do.

But anyways, as I pull up to the stop, she automatically recognizes me but is also dealing with an unruly family member who didn’t want to get on the bus at the same time. And mind you this unruly family member had to be at least 30 years old. She’s at the front of the door yelling down the street “your wasting this bus drivers time! Get on the bus. Hurry your lazy ass up!” So he gets on like after 30 seconds and then she gets on with another family member. So she walks up to me and I can already smell some vodka on her breath and thanks me and she puts her hand out and holds it their. I, out of instinct, put out my hand out like an idiot like I was gonna get a high 5 or something. She takes my hand and kisses it. The then thanks me again and goes to the back with her family members. So in the back she is letting dude have it. She’s telling him how she is the older family member and how she needs to take care of him and how he needs to listen to her. She also reminds him that she will whip his ass if he gets out of line. Now, this lady is like at least 6-2 without heels and seems like she could scare anyone smaller than her.

Haha So when they get off she comes back up to exit out the front while the others are exiting out the back and she is yelling get yo lazy ass off the bus! Then she tells me thank you bus driver, hugs me, and kisses me again but this time on the temple. I couldn’t do anything because it just happened so fast.

I close my door and take off. Stunned and laughing. But more stunned.


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