F Transbay Line. 10PM Friday Night.

I love when I see people from other lines because that triggered my memory from an incident on the 9..gotta get to writing that one up. and edit another 54 one.

Ahhhh..the transbay lines. The transbay lines are mainly the ones used for the commuters from all over the bay area to get to San Francisco. I always like them because they were always business people trying to get to and from work. Only the F, the NL,the O,and the LA(till about 9) were the ones that worked at all times. Now, I really didn’t have a problem with the F line except on Friday nights because if  I got to San Pablo before the 57 MacArthur, I would pick up hella kids ON TOP of the kids I picked up from downtown Berkeley. This was one of those nights.

The F line would run from Sather Gate at UC Berkeley, down Shattuck to Adeline onto Market St in North Oakland then get to 40th St to the Bay Street Mall and theaters before getting on I-80 towards SF. It was probably around 9pm due to the fact that alot of kids were going to the theaters probably trying to get to the last movie playing. So as im rolling down Shattuck I pull into the bus stop on Durant and start to load up. So this dude gets on and puts in his fare and as he walks by me BAM!, it smells like he took a shit on himself. Straight STANK. I’m thinking it usually takes me 15 min to get to the freeway and then I’m on the bridge. And at first I didn’t notice how bad it was because I just assumed since he walked by me, that’s why it was so bad. I guess I was wrong. So I’m rolling down market and I get to 40th and pull into the stop. I probably had like 5 people at this time and at the bus stop I had like 8 kids ready to get on. I had already had my jacket zipped up past my nose so when I opened the door, ALL the kids gave me a weird look and when the first on stepped on he realized why.


I tell a few of them that they could wait for that 57 but they were like ‘nah we wanna get to the movies’ so I was like ‘alright’ and zipped up my jacket. I get to San Pablo and I got like 10 more kids ready to jump on the bus. The kids on the bus were already causing a ruckus because of the smell and had half of the windows open because they couldn’t hang with the smell. The other seen this and as they got on they gave their comments out loud about the smell on the bus and who they felt it was.

“Damn that dude smell hella bad”
“*coughs* some people don’t know how to wipe?!”
“nasty muthafucka!”
“even the bus driver is covering his nose! damn dude u should get off the bus!”
“I can’t breathe, it smells shitty”

So take off from the bus stop and looking in my rear mirrors it’s a hilarious sight to see: 4 or 5 side windows are fully open and these kids are all complain about the smell and cant wait to get off. I don’t pick up no one at the next 3 stops and then its emery bay. As I open the doors, ALL of the kids get off and take off running as if someone had left a bomb or something and I’m left with like 3-4 people headed to the city. I close the doors and take off and jump on the freeway. When I pull into the transbay I pull up all the way to the supervisor’s office and hope off the bus to see if there is any supervisors in the office. There is! So this latin lady opens the door and I ask her if she had any air freshener or lysol she can give me because it smells terrible on the bus. She goes ” is it weed?” I tell her ‘nah, its smells shitty.” she looks at me funny and I say” I think someone shit themselves or something like that ” and she laughed and gave me some lysol.

I emptied that WHOLE can on the seat the guy was sitting at and anything adjacent to where he was at . I even sprayed the area he had his feet at! haha . Since I got off and walked away after I sprayed it, hella people after thought I just got my bus from getting cleaned when they jumped on haha. Told some of them what happened and I loaded up and headed back to Berkeley.


7 Responses to “F Transbay Line. 10PM Friday Night.”

  1. First of all, this blog is awesome. Super awesome.

    So this is my biggest bus fear: that some stinky weirdo/bum just got off the seat that I just sat on. The Lysol might not only just mask the ass juice or whatever but it might be wet and catch on your jeans even more.

    Regardless, you did what you had to do, and you sir, are a hero.

  2. What i find difficult is to find a blog that can capture me for a minute but i think you offer something different. Bravo.

  3. Good job taking care of business.

    Can you kick guys like that off? Seems like you should be able to.

    • ya i can kick them off just based on an issue of “it wouldn’t be safe for me to drive with the smell” BUT the issue was that i was still on probation and they(trainers) tell you that get by your probation and then you can do what you want; IE kick people off for smelling bad, tell people if they don’t pay they don’t ride, disputes,etc. You want to stay out of the superintendents office at all cost for your first 6 months. I could have kicked him off but then “what if” someone felt that even though he paid he should be allowed to ride and calls in? (even though that is rare case LOL) Their is a lady on the 18 46th ave line that can’t ride my bus when i do that line because she smells so bad. Other drivers have kicked her off for her B.O.

  4. Smitty24 Says:

    I laughed my ass off at this story lol man Im in the hiring process at AC Transit right now and im a young 23 I cant wait to create my own blog like this and tell my stories

    • That’s Wasup. Congrats on that. You should start one right now and let people know how the process goes because the process may have changed from when I went through it close to 5 years ago. Ya people don’t believe me when I tell them stuff like this but mannnn just wait till you get on the road lol. Just read all the stuff they give you and ask questions.

      • Smitty24 Says:

        Yessir will do…I read all your stories they are great but I must say I like your AC ones the most because I grew up on AC so as you tell them and where you are located during the story I can picture it because I know most of the lines that haven’t changed much since the 90s….I like forward to reading more when as I post mine I would love for you to read

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