New Signup Goes in Effect on Sat Jan. 22nd

So the good and the bad drivers will be on different runs and blocks come next Saturday (or Monday for those that work M-F schedules.)

I go back to the extra board with wed/thurs off. So I’m back to working weekends and working different runs day to day. As with anything in life.. it could be worse.

Back to variety. and different runs. and more stories.  ha


One Response to “New Signup Goes in Effect on Sat Jan. 22nd”

  1. I admire the job that you MUNI operators do. I’ve never been on the 54-Felton, but have been on many/most lines in my six years in San Francisco. With very few exceptions, every operator has been – at a minimum, a professional, but more often courteous and friendly. THIS is why I’m pleased to alway pay my fare and my taxes.

    Thanks for telling us your stories. They’re interesting to me.

    thanks, Tom S

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