Outbound 54. 8PM. 12.31.10

I’ve been laggin on editing this story and another. The repetition of the same route day in and day out is what I’m going to blame it on hahah

So as I get to 3rd an Palou at about 8pm, I pick up my usual amount of stragglers trying to get up into HP. I try to remember who’s who when they get on the bus(loud, don’t pay, quiet, polite) and as I’m getting the last few people on the bus this guy gets on,gives me a goofy grin, shows transfer and takes his seat. Just another person trying to go up home. So I close my doors and take off into HP. So I usually get this one drunk lady who is just SLOSHED when she gets on. She is coherent enough to keep conversations for the most part but u can tell she has been sippin the giggle juice all day long. She starts yelling at someone telling them “your not my friend, you’re the devil.” The she starts saying some other rants to this person and I’m tryin to see who she is yelling at but the person she is yelling at happens to be sitting behind me so I can see who they are. Now she’s not going all out attack mode on this person so I just take it like she’s arguing with a fellow drunk who got on along with her. We get to her stop and as she is getting off the bus she goes “you are the devil. You are not Latin” to the guy. I’m smirking because that’s some funny shit to tell someone when you get off and her facial expression is so serious you would think she was trying to put a curse on someone with her tone. So I take off and get like 7 stops down and as a lady is bout to get off this guy gets up and tells this lady “do you need some help” and she goes “not from you!” and I finally see who the guy that was arguing with the drunk lady is. He goes back to another seat and he looks drunk also. Great. So he moved to a location in the front of the bus where I could see his movement from the glare in the windshield which was not the best but I’ll take it at this point.

So I get back down to 3rd and Hudson and I still have like 10 minutes before I take off for the next trip and I tell everyone ‘I don’t leave for 10 minutes. I’m going to the bathroom,” and I step off the bus to go to the bathroom. I had 3 people on the bus and usually everyone gets off because they don’t want to wait. So I get back and I still see the drunk dude still on the bus. He’s sitting there all stuck in a trance like state. So I take off and start the next trip. I get a mile down the road and all of a sudden he comes up next to me and says something like “I use to drive a bus. I know those cameras are recording,” While pointing at the drivecam. I’m thinking to myself, I got the talkative drunk tonight. SHIT. So he then mumbles something along the lines of I’m from 3rd street or are we near 3rd street and I thought he said the latter so I told him that’s 3rd street we just passed and he just went to sit back down. Weird. So as I get to Topeka and Bridgeview he comes back up to the front of the bus trying to talk to me again. I get to the stop sign and I tell him “go sit down because you seem drunk.” He sits down then gets back up and mind you I’m already making my turn to go down this street that is a bit inclined. I see he gets up and I stop the bus. He grabs on to a pole next to me and I tell him “I told you to sit down. You get up again, your gonna get off the bus.” So I’m waiting for him to go sit down and he’s standing their with his hand on the pole. He got his finger stuck between the pole and divider thing. (Hard to explain but it would be on your right side if you were sitting in the driver’s seat) He, for a split second, seems like he got sober and goes I’m stuck! So mind you, I’m still at top part of this street with my parking brake on and I got this moron with his finger stuck. So I look at how he got his finger stuck and I push divider thing so he can pull out his finger and he finally does. He’s looking at his hand and then he looks at me. I tell him” now you are gonna sit down and if you get up you are gonna get off.” And he goes back to sit down. So I start rolling along and he starts saying something I can’t make out. I look in the reflection of the windshield and he’s all back and forth in the seat; he’s sitting one minute, then he’s lying in the seat the next minute. Ok whatever. As I get to the end of the line, I had forgotten about him and I unload my passengers and I look, and he’s still on the bus! By this time he has already rode around enough for me to figure out that he just wants to ride and well, that isn’t gonna happen tonight after all that he has done. So I tell him “this is last stop.” So he comes up and his words with me go a little like this:

“I used to be a bus driver.”

“Do you speak Spanish? Yeah you speak Spanish.”

“I’m from Chicago. 305. Miami.”

“Can I ride back?”

And other things in Spanish that made no sense.

When he said he’s from Chicago, he rolls up his shirt and shows me a tattoo of the Miami dolphins’ logo with Miami below it. He hella didn’t know where he was from. So on everything he keeps telling me I tell him, this is where you are gonna get off and you aint riding back with me. He pulls out his transfer and it was expired! I was so glad hahaha I tell him that’s expired so unless you got 2 dollars you gonna have to wait for the next one. He keeps giving me these looks like “come on” and I eventually tell him I got to go either pay the 2 dollars or get off the bus. He gets off the bus and still looks at me and tells me can I get a transfer? Ummmm NO and I close my doors. So I waste like 8 minutes or so but I still got to move up like 100 feet to pickup my passengers for my last trip out so I’m pull up and start loading and I’m looking in my side view mirror hoping he don’t come up running trying to get on my bus. I close my doors and take off.


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