Outbound 54. 4:40PM. 1.6.11

When I pull up to Daly City BART, I pull up to our layover zone like 60-80 feet from the stop so people don’t rush the bus and it allows me to unload all my passengers and get off the bus to go to the bathroom. So I pop the brake, turn off the bus and after everyone has gotten off I see that I still got one dude on the bus. Asleep. At DC BART, no one stays on the bus. That’s just for my safety. And plus we are at the BART station, go sleep somewhere else. So I get over to where he is at and start yelling that it’s the end of the line and he needs to get off. So the only response I get from him is a grunt and he stays asleep. I don’t like this. If he feels like playing games ill play along with him. So I get off the bus and call central control. Since the guy isn’t responding to anything I have yelled at and also I was banging the stanchions too, I gonna get someone to come help him out. So I tell central what the situation is and that he hasn’t responded to me within the last 10 min they tell me they are sending ambulance, police and fire dept to see what’s going on.

So my follower pulls up and I tell him what the fuck is going down. I know he would agree with me because he also works nights off the board and in his words he said “when I get over here, no one stays on the bus. It’s not like the other side where the terminal really aint a terminal.” So he takes off. So I’m waiting like 10 minutes more and I hear the fire dept but they are no where in sight. Then I get the call from central and they ask me where I’m at. I’m at DC BART. Where the fuck do u think I am? Disneyland? At the movie theater? In and Out? How the dispatcher doesn’t know where I’m at even puzzles me (this has happened before.) So another 5 minutes go by and they finally turn down this side street and they see the bus. So the medic gets on the bus followed by BART police. The medic slams his clipboard on the stanchion and nothing so then the police officer gets on and grabs dude and really wakes him up. Dude was all shocked and then he officer got in his face telling him to get off the bus and asking him if he was on drugs and other stuff. Dude then said some ol dumb shit that made no sense and even the cop was wondering what he was saying. So I call central back and tell them that it was all clear. They then tell me that I need to fill out paperwork for this. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! So, now I gotta fill out paperwork on this accident/incident form and waste time for something that doesn’t need more than a memo. Thanks Central Control; makes no sense at all. After I hang up with them, dude is like 20 feet away talking shit to me while I’m inside the bus. The police officer is standing at the rear of the bus and starts walking and dude then turns around and takes off. I dunno what dude was thinking but that shit was hilarious. Did he think he was going to get on my bus again? Or that his threats were gonna scare me into giving him a transfer? Even the police officer told him to get to walking and wait for the next bus because he wasn’t going to get on this one.

I change my sign to Not in Service and head to the location where central control will put me back on route.


4 Responses to “Outbound 54. 4:40PM. 1.6.11”

  1. This proves what I’ve been saying–being the muni driver is no easy job. Traffic, pedestrians, and crazy riders. Sort of like teaching in an inner city high school. 😎 I give you lots of props.

    • nah it can never be a comparison; teaching has WAY more importance driving a bus. teaching is tough. i can’t even be in the same category lol.

  2. I love your blog, looking forward to more updates!

  3. Glad to see your blog! Keep the stories coming. =D

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