52L UC Sather Gate Line 5:20PM

I always like the 52L line out there in Berkeley. Pretty easy line, awesome views, people that could actually hold a conversation, good food around the campus and well… you always see fine females there so that’s always a plus hahahah. Anyways…

Usually I am pulling up to the end of the line on telegraph and Bancroft when my leader would either be leaving or arriving. It was a hit or a miss but when rolling an artic, you just have to try to get an ample sized parking space at the end of the line and hope that the other driver is smart enough to realize that you ain’t moving till you got to go.

So on this day, my leader was late. I don’t really care since once I get to the end of the line I deadhead back up to the campus and I could wing it with enough time to get some lunch so I was like lemme start loading so I can leave on time. I make it around the campus to Euclid Ave where, as always, I pick up hellllllllla people. Pretty much almost standing load to the front. When I first started driving, lot of things used to get to me and with that driver late, it had caused me to be in a bad mood. So this one homeless guy gets on and drops like 39 cents or some shit like that in the fare box and demands a transfer. This homeless dude always would stand in front of the McDonalds on Shattuck and university and he had done this before but today he was going to pay the full fare. FUCK THAT. I look at him and tell him ‘ that ain’t nowhere NEAR the fare so you ain’t getting a transfer.’ He sits in the front solo seat of the artic and starts yelling bout how he’s a senior and how he better get his transfer. So we’re rolling to the next stop me and me and him are arguing back and forth and then he throws out the ‘ I’m a whoop your ass’ line to me. In my mind I’m like ‘FINALLY this shit is gonna get real. Old 120 pound man with busted ass teeth, you really don’t know how my day is going and if you touch me, I’m a throw you a beating that everybody on this bus is gonna have to pull me off of you.’ Throughout this no one said ANYTHING till he said that and then a lady told him ‘you can’t say that to the bus driver. He can have you arrested.’ He then tells the lady ‘ I don’t give a fuck. Call the police. I want my transfer and I’m a whoop his ass if he gets off the bus.’ I actually at that moment started laughing and saying to the passengers, ’he gonna whoop my ass?! hahhaha he gonna whoop my ass?!’  Ya sure old man. So right there I told him ‘pay your fare and get your transfer and get the fuck off my bus’ and I crossed the intersection to the bus stop, opened the door, popped my brake and waited.

You could feel the tension in the air like if we were in Mexico under some humid ass weather.

So he gets up, grabs his change cup and his radio. I’m thinking ‘if he swings that radio, ill take a hit on my arm but I know I can get a kick in and he will go flyin out the door.’ So I shift my body as if I were to get out the seat and wait. He puts in more change and he grabs the transfer out the box and proceeds to get off the bus. At the same time he is walking off I shift back into the seat, pop the brake and put it in drive. At the very moment he turns around to yell to me ‘get off the bus so I can whoop your ass’ I pull off and close my door and started laughing at the whole situation. Shit, I was hyped up from what might have gone down.

That homeless dude got on my bus, went 2 stops, got off and paid regular fare. What’s even funnier is that he got on my bus (another route) the next day, greeted me, paid his fare, thanked me when he got off and went off to ask for money in front of the McDonalds.


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