40 Foothill Line. 9:45PM

After 7ish PM, the 40 ends at Eastmont mall which can be a good or bad thing either way you look at it. On the one hand if all your schedule does is Eastmont trips, your gonna be doing alot of trips. Or you can look at it as each trip is about 30 min and that’s 30 minutes you’re going to deal with people on each trip. Sorta like if you got an annoying passenger halfway through the line; you can just think ‘ I only got 15 more min of this bullshit.’

So I get to 11th and Broadway and start loading up my passengers. I noticed I had a sleeper from one of the other lines I drove before. Short lady who had a BIG ass red backpack she carried and she would always smirk and go back and sit down and sleep. Ok out of sight out of mind right? WRONG. haha.

I get to Foothill and Fruitvale and I pick up some more people. This guy gets on and walks to the back where he proceeds to talk to sleeper lady. Like 2 min go by and he comes to the front and sits in the single front seat. 2 more min go by and he gets up and starts to go back to talk to the lady when she gets up and starts yelling ‘ stay the fuck up there! Leave me the fuck alone!’ and she keep repeating this for like 20 seconds. Mind you I’m still rolling and I’m crackin up because I’m watching this unfold like a soap opera. So the guy returns to his seat and looks in my direction and says something like ‘I know her husband’ or something like that.

Well, he gets up AGAIN to go back there when I tell him ‘ ayy check this out. You gonna sit down or u gonna get off the bus. She doesn’t wanna talk to u and I don’t wanna have to call the police to protect you.’ he then plants himself back down and says ‘ I’m a get off on the next stop.’

In my mind I’m like ‘well shit thanks for makin it easier to get u off the bus u annoying ass old man.’ and he steps of and turns around and starts telling me something I don’t give a shit about and took off and closed the door.


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