Yesterday I had 4 different encounters on the bus. So this is gonna be a multi part story that interweaves together. Kind of like a Quentin Tarantino film hahah

6:44PM Outbound

I pull up to Mission and Geneva and start to load up my passengers. I notice this older lady and realize its this lady I picked up yesterday. She greets me and we have a mini conversation before she heads to her seat. She is a little old white lady who reminds me of Betty White and she always comes from shopping at Safeway. Now when I get to her stop, she comes up to the front I lower the kneeler and wait for her to get off, but right before she does that she thanks me and hands me some candy. The previous time it was a snickers creamy caramel bar and yesterday it was a Nestle’s extra dark chocolate bar. Another time before she gave me a graham cracker (already opened like she had the others in the package) it’s funny because I appreciate the thought that comes behind her gesture. I close the doors, raise the kneeler and take off.

7:27PM Inbound

So as I pull up to Balboa Park BART station, usually at this time I got a lot of people who get on the bus to get to Mission St. It wasn’t as bad as it usually is but I got everyone on through the front doors since no one went out the back. As my last few passengers got on, a lady greeted me and I realized it was a passenger that use to be in a wheelchair and ride with me at my former job! I had seen her about 2-3 months ago but it was great seeing her again. She was telling me that her dog (that she would bring with her) was at home and how she just wanted to get home today. She got off on Mission St and I waved by and took off. Its good seeing people that recognize you. It was a trip though.

8:03PM Inbound

I get to La Salle and load up one passenger that was at the bus stop. As I’m closing the door I see about 6-7 girls running from down the block to get on the bus. I leave the bus door open because I’m not gonna roll up and pick them up. They can run to the bus since I know most of them will ask for a ride so they can earn this ride by running to it. So I load them up and 3 more are still running up and I wait. I mess with them and close the door and the look on their face is hilarious. So I open up the door and they get on. Their conversation goes something along the lines of boys, one of the girls had a birthday that day, jeans/blouses/underwear, and alcohol. As they get off the bus they pass in front of me and one of the girls says something to another and right in front of the bus she starts booty shaking hahahaha all of the girls are laughing, and I’m laughing too. It’s hilarious because it was so random. I close the doors and take off laughing.

9:42PM Inbound

Usually on my last trip when I get San Bruno, I have between 3-5 people that get on at this time. A few are regulars but others…well… I dunno. So as I pull up to the bus stop I notice this one lady from a couple weeks ago who was having a fight with her husband. They both are drunk, with the husband being the drunker of the 2. So they are both taking hella long to get on the bus and I’m getting ready to take off. So I tell the lady and the guy to hurry up or they are gonna get left. She starts yelling at the guy telling him to get his lady ass on the bus because the bus driver needs to go. At the same time, there is another passenger on the back of the bus yelling to them to hurry up cuz they are wasting time and how she needs to go. So we get rolling and the lady gets her husband seated and then begins to give him the speech of the night.

“don’t ever push me like that muthafucka cuz I’ma a woman and I got a pussy that will whip yo ass. Try to touch me again. Do it. Touch me and I’ma whip your ass.”

The husband was so drunk he didn’t say anything. She then proceeded to go to the back of the bus with the other girl who I found out was related to the lady. So we get rolling and the 2nd lady started playing a ringtone(or she only had a quarter of the song) and she kept repeating it. Then she starting snapping her fingers and THEN she starts singing along. COMEDY because she was so tone deaf that some of these other youngstas could do better than this crap. So I noticed that drunk guy starts moving to the back and he doesn’t seem a drunk as he got on. Bus sobered him up? Doubt it. So I pick up more people at 3rd and Palou and start going up into HP. As im rolling I look up and see that drunk lady and her friend start dancing in the back of the bus. Looking like 2 idiots with 2 left feet. So we get to their stop and a lot of people get out and the lady gets off and the husband is right behind but hella slow. The friend runs up to the front of the bus and I think she is gonna get off so I reopen the door in the front. She them says “nah not this one big daddy. Im going to the next stop. That was a great ride.” She then turns around and yells at the drunk guy as he is getting off “hurry up I gotta go pee.” Then she turns back to me and tells me “they get too drunk. Im related to her and they be acting a fool. I aint from here but that’s my blood.” OK. HELLA RANDOM. Then as I take off she starts dancing and booty shaking right next to me. MORE COMEDY. I get to her stop and then she goes “right here daddy. Are you going to be rolling this all night? Cuz I’m going to be going back tonight.” I tell here that this is my last trip and once I get to the bottom I’m done for the night. She gives me a look like sadness/disappointment and gets off. I close the doors and take off.

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