40 Foothill Line 7:30PM

So the 40 line (when I did it) was basically 2 routes combined into one. Sort of like an A and B line. One would end at Eastmont mall and the other would end Bayfair BART. The Second(Bayfair) would do the same as the first but after it gets to Eastmont it would continue down Bancroft through the deep east Oakland and wind up to 150th and e.14 and then go to Bayfair BART. It was a long ass route. You would get SWAMPED right at beginning of the run at 11th and Broadway and if you didn’t stay in the gas you were going to be late and if you had the Bayfair trip, you might as well put that paddle away because unless 1. You had a good bus and, 2. Your leader was running on your time aint no way you were going to make Bayfair to get your break.

On this day my paddle had me down as the last bus from Bayfair BART back into downtown Oakland. I already knew I had to have the bus running once I got onto Bancroft to make sure I would see my break when I got to the end of the line. It wasn’t that many people when I loaded up to take off which threw me off. Silly me. As I pull out to international and 158th I see like 2 youngstas waiting to get on. I already got a vibe that they were gonna ask for a free ride so I pop the door open and confirm my suspicions.

youngsta: can me and my brother get a ride?
Me: let’s go

All of a sudden, the youngsta yells ‘AYY the bus driver said it was coo!’ and out of NOWHERE, like 7-12 more youngstas come out and hop on the bus. I’m shaking my head but I’m like ‘fuck it’ I want my break and close the door.

So, on this trip I had a good variety of people for kids to alot of older people riding. I then hear the youngstas put on their music from their phones while their talking in the back of the bus. I forgot to mention that this was an artic, so they were in far, far back of the bus. As we get to 98th, one of them comes up and says ‘ay bus driver all I got is a quarter… can I get a transfer?’ In my mind I start to get my wheels spinning. If I give him a transfer I can 1. Get him to get his homies quiet and 2. They can turn off/lower the music down. So I look at him and tell him ”check this out. I got some kids on the bus. Yall using some bad words. yall gotta cut that out. I aint trippin bout the music on but if I can hear it, its too loud. Yall gonna have to lower it a bit. If u want a transfer go do that for me and then come back up and I got u.” So he looks at me, and without hesitation walks back and tell them to turn off the music. The conversation gets quiet and he returns. I print up 2 and pass them to him and thank him and he tells me ‘good lookin out OG. My bad for the music’ and walks back to the back. The get off around Eastmont and I close my doors and take off.


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