18 Montclair Line. Approx 9:30PM

I got some stories from my previous job too.

When I would do this line I would park the bus and get my lunch from the lucky’s around the corner. I usually had enough time to eat and load people up and leave on time. It would be like a handful of people trying to get downtown Oakland from the hills. So as I loaded all my people up I had this old man I would see every once in a while. You couldn’t miss him: fisherman cap, scruffy looking and always looked kind of spaced out. Didn’t pay him any attention after he showed me his RTC pass and continue to load everyone on.

If my driver window is open and one of the rear hatches/window is open I’m going to smell what everyone else smells on the bus. So as I’m rolling down MLK Ave. it smelt like someone passed gas. It happens. But in my mind I’m like ‘damn whoever farted is fuckin dead inside. That shit was foul.’ So like 15 min later, I smell it again. I’m like whatever and keep driving and hope that it airs out down Shattuck where I can keep my foot in the gas. So I get to Berkeley Bart and as I load people up at the stop I can see the facial expressions of my regulars because you can smell that someone let one loose. So I’m at a stop light and as I take one of my regulars runs up to the bus. At first I think ‘damn I passed her stop but she gets off in Albany..?.’ I glance at her and she goes ‘this dude back her shit on himself,’ and BAM I caught a whiff of it damn THAT shit was NASTY.HELLA NASTY. So the NABI bus design allows for the driver to open the front door in while driving if need be. So right after she tells me this, I crack the front door open and hope that ventilation will help me. So I go through the tunnel that leads out to Solano Ave and in the reflection of the glass and light I can see the old man pulling the stop request cord but since the door is open the sign just lights up and goes off. He keeps pulling it and then he yells ‘ I need to get off! I need to get off!’ and I get to the bus stop and he gets off the back door. He runs off hella fast (I can see him in the side mirror and his pants are all covered in shit down to his leg) in the opposite direction and I pop the brake and call central. So I get up out the seat to see what the fuck just happened. I got my shirt over my nose and I walk back to where he was sitting and basically knew what went down. The seat and the ground right below him are covered in shit. Like he had diarrhea or something. UGHHH. DIRTY ASS OLD MAN.

So central calls back and basically the conversation went like this:
me: hey good evening central this is run … on the 18 and well, basically, someone shit on my bus.
cc: what?
Me: yeah someone shit on my bus.
cc: do you have passengers?
Me:yeah 2.
cc: can you get to the end of the line?
Me: yeah I think I can.
cc: ok. Well if you can’t call us back but well send the shop out to meet you at the end of the line.
Me: copy.

So as I found out later, I should have had them come pick up the bus from where I was at(for health reasons) but I asked my 2 passengers( one was a regular) what they wanted: go to the end of the line or wait for the next bus. The guy was like ‘let’s go to the end’ and the lady, whose bus stop was like 1 stop before the end of the line had a similar response. So I put it in drive, throw up the not in service sign and head down to the end of the line at San Pablo and Marin. Dude gets off near the end and the lady gets off at her regular stop and thanks me.

So I jump off the bus and just wait for the shop. It’s probably like 10:50 and I’m the 3rd to the last bus to go back and the bus before the last to go to downtown where my bus ends. So when the shop gets there, they bring me another bus. I’m thinking to myself ‘ I’m already late and I’m not the last bus so why am I getting another bus?’ I tell the shop guy what happens and I jump on the second bus and call central. They respond back and tell me to continue in route. Great. And here I thought I was gonna go home after I had to deal with poopy pants. But NOOOO I gotta do this last run. At the end of the night schedules DRAG because their is too much time on paddle so when they said continue in route I took off with my foot in the gas to try to catch up the 12 minutes I was already late. You don’t pick up alot of people at that time and when you do they are at main time points so by the time I got to Berkeley BART I was down 4 min and when I got to 40th and telegraph I was on time. Make it to downtown Oakland, drop off my people, change my sign and pull it into the yard.

Another night in the books.


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