Outbound. 54. 8:35PM. 12.14

I dunno how these nut cases people  gravitate to me and the bus I’m driving. maybe its the rainy weather heh.

Last night I was on Van Dyke approaching 3rd st. I was already 5 minutes down since I needed to get the bathroom and even though it was early evening i still had a good amount of people on the previous trip I still got to the end of the line late. Anyways as I’m coming across the intersection i see this idiot in an army parka running across the street as I’m coming though. I slow down because this idiot crosses on my green and if I weren’t paying attention he could have been windshield material. My regular is at the stop anyways so I was gonna stop regardless. I’m one of those drivers that, if I see you making an effort to run to catch my bus ill wait. But don’t flag me down and continue walking even though u are hella far – that isn’t gonna get me to slow down. NEGATIVE. So I stop open my doors, get my regular on and wait to give dude an earful for being so fucking stupid.

As he gets on I let him have it.
me: how are u gonna run in front of the bus? that aint smart. what you trying to do? get yourself killed?
him: I really needed this bus and I thought you weren’t gonna stop.
me: so you made the assumption that I wasn’t gonna stop? you need to pay attention more because their was someone waiting at the stop. How do you know what I’m gonna do?
him: your right but I really needed this bus.

so he gets his money out and tells me he is gonna make sure he pays his fare. I can already smell that he had been drinking at some point within the last..1/2 hour.. I’m gonna say. He doesn’t want his transfer and I tell him are you sure? and he’s like ya. OK. I’m thinking OK. he’s gonna be quiet but I was wrong. SUPER wrong.

We get about 10 blocks down, and he goes ‘ well regardless I hope you have a happy holidays driver,’ and I respond back ‘same to you and your family, thank you.’ I guess that was the phrase to him that said I found my talking buddy of the night and its the driver. Great. So he comes up and starts telling me how he was looking to “talk” to someone tonight that was messing with his family. I start thinking I need to change topics because this dude is weird as fuck but he does that for me when he starts talking bout muni and how I’m not gonna get my money from the trust fund. I tell him I doesn’t matter to me since I didn’t see it last year, why should I expect it this year? I then tell him if I need the money I can work days off.

So his rant about me not getting my money then went to how his job is taking his money, how he is going to invest his money in a t bill for 6 months, how he is going to call his finance agent and make sure he speaks to the ‘man’ , to how if he gets his money and is down on funds – he is going to use that money to sell drugs.
He is also paying attention to the other drivers and passengers because he helps one guy with directions and starts making fun of a girl in a car because she kept coming forward on a little street and in the process she HAD to jump on the sidewalk to go around me. “awe poor baby, she didn’t know any better. she didn’t know she needed to wait for this big ass bus.” Several passengers were chuckling too. So I get to his bus stop and he wishes me happy holidays and tells me “I needed this bus or i may have “talked” to that other person tonight. I say” well you be safe tonight” then he goes, “nah they should feel safe.”

I close my doors and take off.


One Response to “Outbound. 54. 8:35PM. 12.14”

  1. ralph p Says:

    Smfh & ctfu! Why is it ppl always have the raps, but they wanna tlk specifically to the bus driver????? I thnk all drivers have a sign rite on they 4head. Its like we say “hello, sit dwn RIGHT BEHIND ME, & tell me about all of your problems withing the next 10 blocks”….. somethings gotta give. We need like our own personal booths like train conductors.

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